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Mission and Purpose of the Library
The primary mission of the Library is to support the instructional program of The Art Institute of Atlanta through the provision of adequate library resources and the promotion of their use.
The purpose of The Art Institute of Atlanta Library is to serve the educational and informational needs of the students, faculty, and staff within the parameters of recorded knowledge. To promote this service, materials and facilities of a quality commensurate with that of the academic program are required. The scope of the curriculum is the primary criterion for determining the focus of library collection and facility development.
It is the responsibility of the Library to maintain a quality collection of materials that supports the purpose and mission of the art institute as a whole in meeting the needs of the students. Primary emphasis will be placed on those materials that support the educational needs of each major field of study. Next, the Library will support the needs of faculty and staff through the provision of materials about teaching methodology, professional educational issues, and administrative concerns.
The Library will provide services to its users that are designed to facilitate the identification, location, delivery, and use of recorded knowledge. All policies, goals, regulations, and their interpretation must be formed from the perspective of successful service to the patrons of the Library.
The Library will provide an atmosphere that promotes study, encourages scholarly pursuits, and fosters academic excellence. Physical facilities and equipment that meets the needs of users for convenient access to information will be maintained.
  •  To provide a collection of resources in those formats which meet the curricular, professional, and educational needs of The Art Institute of Atlanta.
  •  To establish and maintain a range of services that support, enhance, and promote the academic program of the college.
  •  To maintain facilities of adequate size and quality to house the collections, resources, and services of the Library and to provide adequate space for library patrons and personnel.

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