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You need innovative thinkers with the skills to help your organization stay at the forefront of creative industry. Our students and Alumni are ready to help. At The Art Institutes schools, our Career Services Advisors can help you find the best candidates–at no cost to you. Whether you're looking for an intern, freelancer, entry-level employee, or a seasoned professional, we can help you find the right creative talent to meet your needs.

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Want to learn more about the success of our graduates? Our Graduate Employment Statistics can show you how many of our graduates find work in their field, and their average starting salaries, by program of study.

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Employer Testimonial

See what some employers are saying about our grads.

Jarod Elliott - American

Jarod Elliott


"Your students have become fantastic assets within our organization. The areas that the students are exposed to within the program are very well suited for the 'real' world work flow."

Greg Cannon - Las Vegas Sands Corp.

Greg Cannon

Las Vegas Sands Corp.

"On behalf of The Las Vegas Sands Corp. I would like to thank The Art Institute of Las Vegas for being the best resource in Vegas for creative talent. the majority of my design team is made up of Art Institute graduates and I couldn't ask for a better team."

Kevin Grace - McDougall Littell — Graphic Design

Kevin Grace

McDougall Littell — Graphic Design

"You have always provided good, talented graduates to us. I'll always give your graduates a chance."

Chris Weiser - Sodexo Marriott Services — Culinary

Chris Weiser

Sodexo Marriott Services — Culinary

"I've been very impressed with The Art Institutes Culinary program. The quality level of the graduates coming out is very high."

John Mullins

Progressive Media

"We look for someone with a foundation of real-world experience and real-world skills. It seems that The Art Institutes students are taught that in their curriculum."