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Web Design

Amanda Munson
Interactive Media Design
Place of Employment: NEW WAY MEDIA

Amanda’s job as Campaign Manager for New Way Media was waiting for her when she graduated. She had impressed the company as an intern there, going above and beyond expectations, so New Way Media wanted her to work for them full-time.

Amanda manages clients who sign up for services. Her responsibilities include video editing, web design, template design and graphic design. Because Amanda went after a job that required her skills rather than “just any old job,” she says, “I am able to apply everything I learned from AICH and more towards this position I am in now.”

Her advice to students: If you aren't enjoying what you are learning, you need to stop what you’re doing. Ever since I began at AICH, I was constantly interested in what I was there for, always wanting to.

David Arrington
Multimedia & Web Design
Place of Employment: INSP Inspirational Network

INSP is a 24-hour-daily cable television network that currently serves more than 2,000 cable systems across the country with a subscriber base of more than 20 million households. David Arrington is one of a three-member team of web designers at the network. A June 2003 graduate of The Art Institute of Charlotte, he is the least experienced of the design team. But his talent and education make up for the lack of experience. He appreciates that he was able to learn what he came to AiCH to learn and that he had the internship opportunity that allowed him to network. That’s what got him the job, he said.

David’s advice to students: Take your internship seriously and get to know people.

Elizabeth Allen
Self-Employed: Green Bean Studio

When Elizabeth Allen earned her Digital Design certificate in June 2003, she went to work for CRS (Creative Research Solutions) in package design and loved her job. But the company soon began downsizing and contracting out much of its work. So Elizabeth opted to become one of those contractors. She formed her own “Green Bean Studio” with her former employer, CRS, and her original packaging project as her first major client. It’s scary but exciting to run her own business, she said. Her studio is in her home, and that will come in handy when her baby is born. Opening her business with a base contract with CRS gave her the confidence to go out and win other clients as well. And, of course, she has her school portfolio to help her sell her services.

Her advice to AiCH Students: Take every advantage offered through AiCH to network, network and network again.

Jonathon “Johnny” Butler
Place of Employment: Fox News

Johnny Butler is a filmmaker who hasn’t started to make a living at his long-time ambition. So, he works as an “animatist” at Charlotte’s Fox News (Channel 18) television station. The job gives the June 2003 AiCH graduate both satisfaction and a sense of importance. Johnny’s position encompasses a variety of duties. He creates still graphics and animation for Fox News Edge; he built, designed and maintains the station’s website, and, on Fridays, from the Charlotte office he provides graphics direction for the live ABC News broadcast in Columbia, SC. “I really love that,” he said. “It’s fun, the people are fun, and you’re reaching potentially millions of people.” In animation, he’s still are rookie, but, with his AiCH education, “in still graphics I’m as up on the job as anyone.” Johnny also has completed a “no budget,” feature-length film and completed half of its editing. Ultimately, it will premiere at the Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte’s artsy NoDa district.

His advice to AICH students: “Soak up all you can – there’s so much available for you to learn. Don’t get comfortable. Invest extra time in more research or surfing the internet. I wish I’d pushed myself a little bit farther while I was there.”

Networking with former school friends paid off for Winter ’04 grad Justin Johnson when he got an email from an earlier AiCH grad who was taking a new job. His position as Multimedia Designer for Time Warner Cable Media Sales was available, and he wondered if Justin was interested. Justin emailed his resume immediately, went through the interview process and was hired.

He designs sales presentations as well as websites for Time Warner and for its clients. He said Mr. Kinney’s and Coach Tait’s critiques and telling him “that’s good but what if…” forced him to continually “take the next step” that may give him that something extra his peers may not have.

His advice to IMD students: Take advantage of all the resources available to you at AiCH. You may find yourself the only person around, and if you can’t do something it won’t get done.

Pam Fernandez
Advertisement Compositor
Place of Employment: The Charlotte Observer

Pam Fernandez began working part-time for The Charlotte Observer in July 1996 and has been with them ever since. She works with a pilot team of three to complete national accounts including anything from furniture to telecommunication advertisements. She enjoys working with a team because they are able to accomplish major projects together. She is asked to complete many of the projects within a day or sometimes even 30 minutes depending on the complexity of the project. She works well under pressure and is thankful for a team that works well together.

As a graduate from The Art Institute of Charlotte, she mostly uses her knowledge from the Computer Animation, HTML and Web Scripting classes within her daily work. She is also a graduate from Winthrop University where she studied Graphic Design. She uses her knowledge from both fields on a daily basis. In addition, she is interested in visiting The Art Institute of Charlotte as a guest speaker.

Pam will always want to learn more and share her knowledge with those around her. She has a love for design as well as nature and plans to continue working with both in the future. The piece of advice she has for students is to keep an open mind in every class and to think creatively. She believes projects may become challenging, however, this will allow the individual to grow.

Yeshua Perez
Multimedia & Web Design
Place of Employment: LearnBytes

Yeshua Perez, a Fall 2004 graduate, uses everything he learned at The Art Institute of Charlotte – especially software programs and project management -- in his job as production assistant at LearnBytes, a start-up company that creates e-learning sites. Yeshua creates flash and animation and he edits and helps to shoot videos for his growing company’s e-clients. Soon, the company will start Spanish translations of its programs, and thanks to his fluency in Spanish, Yeshua will take over that responsibility as well.

He credits his performance and his networking as an intern at LearnBytes with helping him land his full-time position. Without it, he said, he might not have found a job in web design.

His Advice to AiCH Students: Be on time with your projects. Focus on your work, and recognize that, in the real world, what matters is the quality of your work, not your grades.

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