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The Art Institute of Dallas is a campus of South University.

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Student Life
art and design school students

From the moment you are accepted for admission, you become part of an environment that supports your efforts to reach your educational and career goals. At The Art Institute of Dallas, you enjoy small classes, hands-on learning, and close relationships with faculty and staff.

But it's not all study, classes, and class projects. You'll also make new friends! You find that those who were strangers at orientation are soon friends to hang out with, laugh with, and share ideas with. Between classes, you can grab lunch or a snack at the deli, or tap into the high-speed wireless internet access in the newly designed student lounge, catch the newest gallery exhibit, or shop at the supply store. There are plenty of social activities at The Art Institute of Dallas — not to mention clubs and organizations oriented to your professional or personal interests.

And for practical advice, that's where the Student Affairs department comes in!

For students coming straight from high school, this is probably the first time you have lived away from home. It can be a tremendously fun time. However, with independence comes responsibility. Doing all the shopping, laundry, and household bills on top of going to college; maybe add in a full-time or part-time job; and on top of all that, the fun mentioned above. For older students there can be a different set of challenges, like continuing to work full or part-time while attending the College and still being there for your family.

The job of your Student Affairs team is to help you deal with the challenges you may encounter as a student. We have a lot of programs to offer and professionals who know how to listen, then make things happen. Please browse through some of the services and programs that The Art Institute of Dallas has to offer.

Information For Parents of Current Students

Sending a son or daughter to college is a major life event for parents as well as students. Naturally, you have questions about housing, campus events and resources, extracurricular activities, health care services, internship opportunities, and school life in general. The Art Institute of Dallas is committed to helping you and your student make the most of the college years by providing information about campus life, important milestones, and newsworthy events.

This site was designed to help provide answers by offering you a source of constantly updated information about the College.

The Art Institute of Dallas, a campus of South University

8080 Park Lane, Suite 100, Dallas, TX 75231-5993
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