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Alumni Success Stories: Graphic Design

Carlos Ruiz
Carlos was searching for a career where he could be creative and keep learning, and he found that in Graphic Design. In a typical work day he can be found doing layout, logo design, brochures, flyers and posters for Farouk Systems.

Carlos believes that graduating from The Art Institute of Houston has helped him achieve his success. His education helped him understand the concept of better design and gave him a solid foundation upon which he continues to add. Carlos is a creative person who works hard and enjoys challenges and new experiences.

Carlos Ruiz is a Graphic Designer for Farouk Systems
Houston, Texas
Summer 2002 Graduate


Crystal Toppins
Crystal pursued the field of graphic design because she loves the art of designing. To her, designing is a way of communicating opinions and thoughts. Her primary duties at Farouk Systems consist of design layout and concept development. The best part of her job is meeting other professionals and traveling for work.

Crystal believes that being goal-oriented and determined lead to success. With her hard work and ability to stay focused on the end result, she has achieved her goals.

Crystal Toppins is a Graphic Designer for Farouk Systems
Houston, Texas
Fall 2002 Graduate


Dallas Pomeroy
Graphic Design holds an interest for Dallas because he feels that he gets to educate people visually about issues in the environment. Farouk Systems is based on the mission and dream to provide hair artists with a safer work environment-free of harsh chemicals. Their mission statement is “Environment, Education & Ethics” this fits in with Dallas’ outlook.

Dallas feels his Internship was a very important aspect of his education. He says it helped him get his feet wet in the graphic design industry and allowed him to build the skills he needed to succeed in the working world of Graphic Design.

Dallas Pomeroy is a Graphic Artist for Farouk Systems
Houston, Texas
Summer 2002 Graduate


Garrett Brunkhorst
Garrett chose graphic design as a career because it was a way for him to stimulate his creative side as well as his analytical side. He enjoys the industry and the opportunity he has to create new things. His education at The Art Institute of Houston gave him a broad base of knowledge from which to work and the occasion to work on many different projects and develop his ideas.

A few of Garrett’s primary duties include re-createing printed pieces and logos for customers who no longer have their digital files, business cards, and basic typesetting. The best part of his job is when a customer is truly happy and appreciative of the work he sets up for them. He feels his craftsmanship and attention to detail are commendable.

Garrett Brunkhorst is a Graphic Designer for A&E the Graphics Complex
Houston, Texas
Winter 2003 Graduate


Gizelle D’Mello
Gizelle enjoyed drawing but never thought that she could make a career of it until she visited The Art Institute of Houston. The Art Institute changed her perception of what she could accomplish, and she says that earning her Graphic Design degree was one of the best things that she has done for herself. Currently, she is a Graphic Artist for Clear Channel Outdoor. She designs outdoor advertising, mainly billboards, around the Houston area. “It is very exciting to drive down the road and come across a billboard that I designed.” Gizelle is also very proud of winning the Food Games Competition with My Table Magazine. Her artwork was featured on the cover of the magazine. Gizelle loves what she does and working with creative people.

Gizelle D’Mello is a Graphic Artist for Clear Channel Outdoor
Houston, Texas
Summer 2001 Graduate


Gwen Koncaba
In high school, Gwen loved to draw and paint. She wanted to be able to show her work and be known for her designs. She felt a need to have art be a part of her career, and knew that technology is changing the way art is presented. Obtaining a graphic design degree at The Art Institute of Houston allowed Gwen to achieve this goal.

Gwen felt her Internship was the greatest experience she had at school because it helped her communicate better with clients and co-workers to better utilize a design. She would like to let students know that they should take full advantage of everything that goes on in class and at their Internship because it gives them the experience they need to prepare them for their first job.

Gwen Koncaba is a Graphic Designer for Price Video Productions
Houston, Texas
Summer 2003 Graduate


Halina Dodd
After graduating from The Art Institute of Houston, Halina started working as a Graphic Designer for Pennebaker, LMC, a top marketing communications company in Houston. She has designed several pieces that have received recognition from several organizations, including American Marketing Assocation and the Houston Advertising Federation.

Halina attributes some of her professional success to the creative problem solving and verbal communication skills that she honed while in school. Halina says the best part of her job is hearing positive feedback from clients.

Learning how to effectively communicate through her design has led to her success as a Graphic Designer. Her advice for current students: “Don’t use the first idea that comes to mind. If it came easy, it’s probably been done.”

Halina Dodd is a Graphic Designer for Pennebaker, LMC
Houston, Texas
Spring 2000 Graduate


Oran Rush
Oran’s interests in computers and magazines led him to the graphic design field. He had always been good in art, and became fascinated by layout and advertising while in school.

His Internship was the key factor in getting his job. A part of his Internship included brochures, business cards and designing logos, all of which had to be done within a deadline. When applying for his job, he had to take a test on laying out some graphics and he was the only one who finished within the 15 minute time period.

The best part of his job is seeing his artwork in the magazine. All of his hard work has paid off because he has a job he enjoys and he is doing what he always wanted to do.

Oran Rush is a Graphic Designer at For Rent Magazine
Houston, Texas
Summer 2003 Graduate


Rissa Prince
Rissa worked as a Graphic Designer years ago when everything was done on a drawing board. Then she stayed at home as a full-time mom and raised her children. When she was ready to go back to work, she found the industry had changed and she needed to go back to school to learn the necessary computer programs and get back in touch with current trends.

Constructive criticism from knowledgeable instructors who are working designers helped build Rissa’s confidence and skills. By finding her weaknesses, she was able to concentrate on those areas, while building on her past education and previous work experience to become
a better designer.

Rissa Prince is a Consulting Graphic Designer for Solvay America, Inc.
Houston, Texas
Fall 2000 Graduate


Stephanie Haron
Stephanie came to The Art Institute of Houston to study Graphic Design because she wanted to do something creative and challenging. She feels that Graphic Design is a constant learning process because software programs are updated regularly, new ones are released, and printing technology is always changing. It keeps her on her toes and allows her the opportunity to expand her horizons.

Stephanie feels that being successful in design isn’t just about being good at graphic design.She believes it’s a long learning process that requires a lot of hard work and effort. One must get the job done correctly, get along with co-workers and be flexible and versatile. It is important to her to keep a humble attitude and be open to learning new things.

Stephanie Haron is a Graphic Designer for A&E - The Graphics Complex
Houston, Texas
Winter 2003 Graduate


Tasha Gridley
Tasha loves art and wanted to be able to be herself in a creative work environment. She loves working at Consumer Guide, Inc. and is proud to be a part of their company. She hopes to grow with them because they are a young company with lots of potential.

An Internship was not required during the time that Tasha was in school, but she chose to do one on her own and loved every minute of it. She was able to create brochures, logos and poster designs. Tasha felt that The Art Institute of Houston gave her the tools to make her a valuable employee in the work place.

Tasha Gridley is a Graphic Designer for Consumer Guide, Inc.
Houston, Texas
Spring 2003 Graduate


Victor Pena
Victor decided to study Graphic Design because he liked all that it had to offer and he enjoyed the challenge. He felt his education at The Art Institute of Houston helped him because it allowed for networking with people who are interested in the same things he is. If he had questions, he had resources he could turn to for assistance.

The Kids’ Directory is a shopping resource for families, set up in a magazine format. It includes products and services for infants, children and parents. It also lists events, advertising information and coupons. Victor does the layout for the ads and the layout for the entire magazine. He is proud of his job and everything he has accomplished.

Victor Pena is a Graphic Designer for Kids’ Directory
Houston, Texas
Spring 2003 Graduate


Yu Wen Chiu
Yu Wen wanted to develop her design and computer skills which helped in her decision to study graphic design. She wanted to find a career where she could be successful in a field which would continue to grow and change.

At Quest Design & Production, LLC, Yu Wen is a member of the Creative Department. She assists in layout, design, photo retouching, site map rendering, typesetting and printing production.Yu Wen says her education at The Art Institute of Houston has helped her reach the goal of being successful in a field which continues to grow and change, but one that also provides security.

Yu Wen Chiu is in Graphic Design/Production for Quest Design & Production, LLC
Houston, Texas
Winter 2002 Graduate

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