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Alumni Success Stories: Interior Design

Jacqueline Lorich
Jacqueline is fascinated at the different ways color, texture and architectural details can change a space. It’s no wonder that she loves her job at Thorntree, where she works with different colored and textured stones. She gets to help clients change their spaces with the slate and granite her store carries.

Time management is the one part of Jacqueline’s education that has helped her most in her job. Having to juggle clients and tasks at the same time can be daunting, but since she worked full-time, went to school full-time and did an Internship too, she knows how to manage her time well. Jacqueline adds, “You may not find that perfect job right after graduation, but take every opportunity to learn as much as you can in the industry and you will find your niche in the interior design field.”

Jacqueline Lorich is a Design Consultant/Outside Sales at Thorntree
Houston, Texas
Summber 2001 Graduate


Lacrima Cosnean
Lacrima’s mother is an interior designer and has her own Atelier of fine linens and antiques; so it is no wonder that Lacrima ended up in the field. Growing up with an appreciation for interior design, Lacrima’s knew she wanted to grow professionally and personally with a career that she loves. Lacrima’s Internship helped her transition from student to professional. As a Project Manager, she uses the skills she learned at The Art Institute of Houston; taking conceptual ideas and presenting them in a professional media; seeing her ideas become reality.

Lacrima is a Project Manager / Consultant at Collaborative Projects
Houston, Texas
Fall 2001 Graduate


Madelyn M. Mauritz
Madelyn worked in the banking industry for fifteen years and suddenly found herself a part of the “reduction in force.” She made a list of what she did and didn’t want in a career; this led her to The Art Institute of Houston. She uncovered a love of interior design.

One of the best things that came out of Madelyn’s education was the bond created among her classmates with the help of her instructors. She says it has been great to keep up with her fellow classmates from The Art Institute of Houston, as each of them ventures into different directions in the design business. They all learn from each other, share resources and brainstorm solutions to common issues.

Madelyn M. Mauritz is Designer/Owner for M3D-Madelyn M. Mauritz Design
Houston, Texas
Winter 2002 Graduate


Maria T. Ortega
Maria felt that an education was important for her to have a better future. She was interested in design and felt that interior design would be a good fit for her. Maria credits her education at The Art Institute of Houston for giving her the understanding of design and building confidence in herself.

Some of Maria’s job responsibilities include inventory, sales, ordering and rearranging the showroom for display (this is the part of her job that she enjoys the most). She loves creating new vignettes to showcase the new and existing pieces of inventory.

If people were to learn one thing about Maria, she would want them to know that her persistence and ambition for a better life has given her the strength and courage to set and reach for her goals.

Maria T. Ortega is a Designer at AQ Interiors
Houston, Texas
Fall 2003 Graduate


Nicole Condon
Interior design is an outlet for Nicole to create and produce something that she can be proud. Nicole’s pride in her work allows her to contribute something unique to society. Interior design gives her the chance to be creative and artistic, but also allows Nicole to feel professional and logical about her future. The professionalism of the classes at The Art Institute of Houston helped Nicole transition from school to a working environment without too much stress or tension. She loves her job and the fact that she is on the front line, making design decisions. Nicole is thrilled to be such a big part of an interior design firm her first year in the field.

Nicole Condon is a Designer/Drafter at Batsche Design
Houston, Texas
Summer 2001 Graduate


Sheree A. Ockman
The merging of architecture and visual arts has always been fascinating to Sheree, and this is one of the reasons she chose to pursue interior design as a career. Her primary duty is to directly meet the needs of the client. This involves everything from planning budgets to space planning and implementing the construction documents. The most satisfying aspect of her job is creating concepts and watching them become a tangible, three-dimensional reality.

Sheree has never considered herself an artist or designer by nature. It was something she has always been interested in pursuing, but she also struggled in the process. She learns new things every day and accepts her mistakes. If she could make one recommendation to students, it would be to learn to endure constructive criticism. It is much easier to accept criticism from a teacher or mentor rather than a future client.

Sheree A. Ockman is a Designer at PGAL
Houston, Texas
Winter 2001 Graduate


Steven Holbrook
The interior design field has always been of great interest to Steven. There were many things that he wanted to know about design schematics, drafting, the use of color, products for interior uses, scale...all of the elements that come together to create good design. He wanted to be a part of the exciting and fascinating world of interior design.

While at The Art Institute of Houston, Steven began working on small design projects for friends and family, testing the waters slowly with new things that he was learning. He says that without such an intense and gratifying educational experience, he would not have the background to be a good Interior Designer. Upon completion of the program, he had an excellent understanding of the many varied aspects of interior design and had the confidence to go out and begin his career.

Steven Holbrook is Owner/Designer at Holbrook Residential Interior Planning
Houston, Texas
Summer 2001 Graduate


Suzy Adams
Suzy became very interested in interior design when her father bought an old house and their family remodeled it. Suzy has found her dream job at Tri-Con Homes doing what she has always wanted to do. She is excited about her freedom to design and use all of the skills that she learned in school. Suzy is creating budgets, presentation folders, renderings, doing floor plans and elevations, and using AutoCAD. She says that her persistence, mind set and drive have helped her get to where she wants to be professionally. She says that networking and doing the little things, such as sending out thank you letters, is also essential in the job search process.

Suzy Adams is a Designer at Tri-Con Homes
Houston, Texas
Summer 2001 Graduate


Teri Watts
Before enrolling in the Interior Design program at The Art Institute of Houston, Teri was in a career that left her no room for creativity. She’s always been the type of person who likes to re-think or re-design how something or some place could be, so she thought interior design would allow her to be creative while still utilizing her technical aptitude. She was right!

Teri attributes some of her success to the Internships she had while in school. She had several because they gave her the opportunity to explore several career paths associated with interior design, including marketing, furniture design, residential and commercial design.

Teri Watts is a Designer Designer at Harrell Architects, Inc.
Houston, Texas
Winter 2001 Graduate


Wimberly Winn
Wimberly has always enjoyed decorating and designing and has an eye for furniture and fabrics. Her desire to help people design their space is one reason she decided to pursue interior design at The Art Institute of Houston. She interned at Billy Tippit Architects while in school and after graduation she became their Assistant Designer. Billy Tippit mainly works on commercial projects and some of their well-known projects have been the Museum of Health and Medical Science, Days Inn Astrodome, and NCI Building Systems. Currently, Wimberly works mainly on finishes and deals with clients and leasing agents.

Wimberly Winn is an Assistant Designer at Billy Tippit Architects
Houston, Texas
Summer 2001

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