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President's Message

Welcome to The Art Institutes International — Kansas City. This is a place where you will learn to transform your creativity into style, communication, and function. It's where you'll develop the ability to step back from the jumble of thoughts you've scribbled in a notebook, recognize your best ideas, and turn them into great concepts. It's where you'll discover how to transform those concepts into work that is marketable.

Perhaps the most difficult part of this process, like anything, is to take the first step. Some first-quarter Art Institutes students are tentative. Some are over-confident. But all of them are driven to put some part of themselves out there. Soon they begin to get a feel for what needs to be done. With each passing day they find themselves continually shifting course ever so slightly by listening, learning, doing, and sharing their work with instructors and fellow students. Our students appreciate the fact that they are challenged, encouraged, and motivated to do their best by faculty, many of whom are professionals in their respective fields.

With a knowledge of new tools and a portfolio of their best work at graduation, they're prepared to hit the ground running. But their very first step was to decide. They know it doesn't come looking for you. We're here to help you find that direction. Come explore The Art Institutes International — Kansas City. It's a journey of possibilities. Are you ready?

Michael Kaley
President, The Art Institutes International - Kansas City

The Art Institutes International — Kansas City

8208 Melrose Drive, Lenexa, KS 66214
1.913.217.4600 • 1.866.530.8508
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