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Campus Safety

Crime Report  

Report criminal actions or other emergencies immediately. A safe environment is everyone’s responsibility. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to report all criminal acts, suspicious activities or other emergencies promptly and have the right to report these matters confidentially. Victims or witnesses to a crime are encouraged to file a report of the incident. Reports can be filed on a voluntary, confidential basis for inclusion in the annual disclosure of crime statistics by contacting the Dean of Student Affairs. Be sure to describe the nature of the criminal activity, when it happened, where it happened, who was involved and whether there were any witnesses.

It is the policy of The Art Institute that all criminal acts or other emergencies be properly documented and reported to local authorities as required by law. In an instance when the Dean of Student Affairs is not available, please contact another member of the Executive Committee or other members of The Art Institutes staff.

In the event of a fire, an alarm will sound notifying all students, faculty and staff of their need to leave the building. Everyone should leave the building according to the practices conducted during the regular drill procedures. It is mandatory that all persons observe the following procedures:

1. Stay calm. Stop work immediately. Do not pack up supplies or work in progress. If the alarm sounds do NOT assume it is a drill.

2. Follow directions from the nearest faculty, staff member or from the floor fire captain for exiting the building. Exit building using stairwells only.

3. After exiting, head away from the immediate front of the building.

4. Do not re-enter the school until an “all-clear” indication is given.

It is the policy of The Art Institute that access to all campus facilities is limited to authorized personnel, students and invited visitors. Visitors are at all times subject to the school policies and conduct codes. Responsibility for the lawful and appropriate behavior of visitors should be shared by their student or employee host. All visitors must sign in and out at the front reception desk.

As part of The Art Institutes’ commitment to safety and security and pursuant to the requirements of the Federal Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990, The Art Institute provide information annually to all of its current and prospective employees and students that addresses, among other things, the importance of prompt reporting of crimes to school officials and local police; campus security procedures aimed at encouraging students and employees to be responsible for their own security and the security of others; advisement and other assistance available from The Art Institute to any student who may be the victim of a crime; and statistics on selected crimes which The Art Institute maintain pursuant to the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act. A complete copy of the Campus Crime Report and Crime Statistics that were submitted to the Department of Education can be obtained in the Student Affairs Department.

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