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Andy Altomare
Andy Altomare

Andy Altomare is the Sous Chef for Feastivities Events, a full-service, off-premises event company based in Philadelphia. Andy has been working with Feastivities since he was 14. He started as a server, then moved into the warehouse where he loaded trucks and washed dishes. When someone called out sick in the kitchen on a busy day, he saw an opportunity to help the kitchen out.

From there Andy became a prep cook, and then worked his way up the ranks in the kitchen. As he grew older and more mature in the business, Feastivities owners Andy and Meryl Snow sent Andy to culinary school and in return, he would work for them for 5 years. Well those 5 years have come and gone, and he is still there and has no plans to leave anytime soon. Now at 23 years old, Andy currently holds the position of Sous Chef and is looking forward to become the next Executive Chef. Andy will continue to develop his skills with the help of the Culinary Council.

Andy is a member in good standing with the ICA Culinary Council, NACE, ISES, and the ACF. He is also on the board of the ICA Culinary Council.

Andy gives back to the community and is an active member in C-CAP a national organization that assists high school students to pursue careers in the culinary field.

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