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Nicholas Lucin
Nicholas Lucin

 Nicholas has been an artist since he was first able to hold a pencil in his hands! As a child he grew up enamored with many of the comic book and silver screen heroes. However, unlike most kids his age, Nicholas would watch cartoons and read comic books to study and figure out how to re-create them. As a teenager, Nicholas continued to be seriously inspired by comic book art. After analyzing Greg Capullo's, The Creech, Nicholas was inspired to take drawing to the next level. He felt that Capullo's work had set the bar for what he believed to have been the best manipulation of a pencil he had ever seen.

Nicholas spent countless hours and late nights, practicing his drawing skills. It was not long before he noticed a steady improvement as each drawing had become drastically better than the last. He became even more inspired, but wanted to take it to the next level. Along with his twin brother, Nicholas began to explore aspects of filmmaking, with special interests in postproduction.

A few years later, he began studying filmmaking at a state university with what he believed to have been a sub-par art department. Nicholas' unhappiness motivated him to explore other schools, but where? Through a friend's suggestion, Nicholas began to explore The Art Institute of Philadelphia. He instantly fell in love with the school when he visited the campus, as Nicholas recalled, "I was so excited to begin, because it was at that point that I realized my life was about to change, and not only temporarily, but forever. I had dreamed of going to a school that could give me the opportunity to apply my talent and go above and beyond my potential."

Nicholas feels that he spent three of the best years of his life studying at The Art Institute of Philadelphia! There was a synergy on campus of creative people, technology and passion! He felt there were so many opportunities to delve into his creativity as an Animation Arts major. He received hands on experience in all aspects of production, not only in animation, but aspects of video, film, traditional and computerized animation, and visual effects. He enjoyed meeting and working with a wide variety of people, some of whom he continues to speak with on a regular basis. Many, if not all of his teachers had been supportive and were readily available if he was in need of a helping hand.

As the years progressed, so did his work. He was honored on many occasions for his academic success, as well as for projects that had been voted Best of Quarter. He completed an internship at CBS TV-3 in Philadelphia with the help of one of his instructors. While at CBS he worked very hard. Nicholas absorbed everything he could from the professionals that supervised him. All of his efforts paid off when Nicholas was offered a position at CBS even before he had completed his degree!

At the time of graduation, Nicholas had already started working, networking and building new friendships to start him on the next part of his journey, Manhattan. After a year of experience at CBS, Nicholas was offered a position as a Designer with USA Network, located in Manhattan. Although this meant leaving his friendships in Philadelphia, he accepted the position and relocated.

Nick's career took flight in New York State! Nicholas moved on to a then start up company called, SportsNet NY, which was owned by the Comcast Corporation. His many responsibilities included camera operation, Chyron and Viz RT graphics output programs, where he would create graphics for the shows. As his skills progressed so did the job opportunities! Nicholas was finally able to land his dream job as an Art Director with CBS 5 in Syracuse, NY where he currently resides. As an Art Director, he manages the entire graphics department and the overall corporate identity of the station, which he is currently single handedly re-designing. When asked his advice to students, Nicholas stated, "If there is one thing I wish for others to learn from me is to never give up and always do your best to succeed, even if you are not where you want to be right away, you will get there eventually. Stay true to yourself and you and your goals and never lose sight of them, even if things don't go exactly how you initially planned they would go. WORK TO INSPIRE."

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