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Student Portal at

At The Art Institute of Philadelphia, every student is provided with space for a personal website on The Art Institute of Philadelphia’s student web server located at With a username and password, students can check their grades and find other important academic information. Online Registration is now available for students currently enrolled in classes.

Overview of

  • Web Publishing Tools/Website Space
    Every student and faculty member is allotted 100MB of space on The Art Institute of Philadelphia’s student web server for use in creating personal websites. Students and faculty members are able to design and publish their own websites without banner advertisements or other requirements commonly imposed by other free web publishing sites. Students and faculty members who have published personal websites on The Art Institute of Philadelphia’s student web server will have links to their sites listed in the student and faculty directories.
  • Email provides students with an email inbox that can be universally accessed from any computer that is connected to the Internet. Students with existing email accounts can ask to have mail forwarded from their email account to those other accounts by changing the email preferences in their email inbox.
  • Grades/Transcripts
    Grades and transcripts are available to students who access immediately after being posted by The Art Institute of Philadelphia.
  • Administrative Holds
    With their username and password to, students can view any administrative holds placed on their accounts.
  • Directory
    The Directory displays the name, program of study, and website address of all current students and faculty members of The Art Institute of Philadelphia.
  • Online Registration
    Registration for courses for the upcoming quarter takes place midway through a given quarter using The Art Institute of Philadelphia’s online registration process. Courses are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is important that each student register during the designated registration period. Students must register and complete all outstanding paperwork with the business offices by the end of registration.
  • Make a Payment Online
    An online payment feature is available on After entering their username and password, students can follow the instructions for making a credit card payment towards their bill using the college’s secure server.

Notice Concerning Access To Upon Graduation Or Withdrawal From The Art Institute of Philadelphia

Please note that accounts (including email and webspace) to access the student portal are intended for use by students pursuing their education at The Art Institute of Philadelphia. Students who graduate or withdraw from the college will need to make arrangements to transfer important emails or files stored on the webspace to a location where they will have continued access. accounts (including emails and webspace files) for students who withdraw from The Art Institute of Philadelphia are subject to deletion at any time after 90 days from the student’s last date of attendance. Students who graduate from The Art Institute of Philadelphia have access to their accounts for 180 days after graduation, after which the accounts and all files are subject to deletion at any time.

For support, call 1.866.642.2711 or email Support is available Monday through Saturday, 8 AM to 10 PM (Eastern).

The Art Institute of Philadelphia

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