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The Art Institutes interschool transfer guide

 The Art Institutes interschool transfer guide

If you are a student of an Art Institutes school interested in transferring credit within The Art Institutes system of schools, this guide is for you. To be considered an interschool transfer student, you MUST complete the quarter at the originating school and immediately start at the new school. If you have a break in enrollment, you will be considered a new student at the new school.

The following info covers many of the basic issues involved in transferring from one school within The Art Institutes system to another. This information is only a guide to you. It is YOUR responsibility to contact The Art Institutes school you are interested in transferring to, and speak with the Readmissions staff.

Your contact person

Every school in The Art Institutes system has a person who is the contact for transferring students from other schools within The Art Institutes. Generally, this is handled through the Readmissions Office, but, depending on the school, various departments may handle this responsibility. The first thing that you should do after reading this information is to call The Art Institutes school to which you would like to transfer. Once you get in touch with your transfer contact, rely on them for further instructions.

Documents you will need

Please complete a Release of Information Form and give it to the Registrar at your school. The necessary items should be faxed to the receiving school within three business days. It may be necessary for you to follow up with various departments and tie up any loose ends that may delay this process.

Academic issues

All transfer applicants must be in good academic standing to be considered for transfer. This means that if at the end of the quarter you are put on probation or academically terminated by the original school, you must appeal at your current school before being considered for entry into the new school. It is unlikely that all of your credits will transfer to another location within The Art Institutes system. Transfer credit will be reviewed on a class-by-class basis for similar course outcomes. Your program most likely will be different at another school in our system due to different accreditation and state guidelines. Transfer credit must correspond to classes in your program at the receiving school.

Financial issues

Your account balance must be paid in full to The Art Institutes school that you are attending in order to have your transcripts sent to another school within The Art Institutes system. Payment plans or financial arrangements made with one school in our system may not be what you will encounter at another school. It is a good idea to discuss your financial status with your Student Financial Services Office before finalizing your transfer status. It is advised that you not relocate until you have a completed Student Financial Plan at your new school.

Steps to a successful transfer

  • Contact the school to which you intend to transfer and request information from the person at that school who handles transfers. This person will be your guide until classes start. Call them.
  • Complete a Release of Information Form and submit it to The Art Institutes school that you are attending.
  • Complete and return all application materials sent to you by the new school you plan to attend.
  • Register for classes and complete a Financial Plan at your new school.
  • Attend orientation.

Documents needed from original Art Institutes school:

  • Copy of the Application for Admission from original Art Institutes school attended
  • Copy of Enrollment Agreement
  • Copy of Acceptance Letter
  • Copies of College Transcripts (if applicable)
  • Official Transcript from transferring Art Institutes school
  • Copy of Financial Aid Transcript
  • Copy of Statement from Accounting

Documents needed for new Art Institutes school:

  • Application for Admission (not readmissions application)
  • Enrollment Agreement
  • Enrollment Addendum
  • Transferability of Credit Statement
  • Health Forms (if applicable)
  • Financial Aid Forms (if applicable)
  • Loan Applications (if applicable)
  • Transfer of Credit form completed by Academic Affairs personnel
  • Official high school transcript or GED (both the original and new Art Institutes schools need this document, no copies)

Students transferring to a school within The Art Institutes with a "branch" campus relationship with the original school within The Art Institutes: The original school must send the entire file to the new school while keeping a copy of the file they send over.

Students entering an Art Institutes school as a NEW student after having graduated from another school within The Art Institutes: As a courtesy, the Registrar at the original school may send copies of requested academic documents to the new school. The new school should request the original college or high school transcripts or GED from the previous Art Institutes school the student attended. The original school should keep a copy of college or high school transcript or GED in the file with a notation that the original has been forwarded to the "new" school. All other documents should be newly filled out at the intended school. However, if the student has graduated with a bachelor's level degree from the original Art Institutes school, the student need only present his college transcript to show proof of his bachelor's degree and proof of his high school transcript or GED is not necessary.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any EDMC affiliated school has the right, but not the obligation, to waive the transcript fee for transcripts that will be sent to another EDMC affiliated school.

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