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School Sponsored Housing

Housing Interest Sheet (PDF)

Housing License Agreement (PDF)

To provide a housing program dedicated to the creation of a student community that promotes academic success as well as professional and personal development in a comfortable environment.

School Sponsored Housing
Living in School Sponsored Housing is an excellent way to get acquainted with other students, the Sacramento community, and to become involved in college life. In a 2012 school survey, students reported that their favorite aspects of living in School Sponsored Housing were the friendships they developed with their roommates, living around many other students, and the close proximity to school.

Meet the Staff
The Art Institute of California—Sacramento housing staff consists of the Residence Life Coordinator and student Resident Advisors. All housing staff live in the apartment complex. Staff members track students’ academic progress, facilitate roommate communication, assist in drafting roommate contracts, counsel students as needed, and organize social events such as volleyball games, video game tournaments, BBQs, pizza parties, and academic and life-skill workshops. You will often find numerous students together in one apartment studying, playing games, cooking, and enjoying one another’s company. There is also a member of the housing staff available 24 hrs a day via an emergency cell phone. In addition, the apartment complex provides courtesy patrol and a full-time maintenance staff.

Housing rates for the upcoming academic year are:
$2175.00 per quarter=$725.00 per month for a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom (4 students reside in a 2 bedroom apartment).

This rate includes costs associated with rent, furniture, utilities, internet, cable, amenities, activities, events and on-site staff support services. Costs related to telephone service are not included.

Students are required to complete all housing papers, sign a housing license agreement, and submit a $100.00 Security Deposit to confirm a reservation. Once the student moves into the apartment, the Security Deposit is held by the school and is used to pay for any damages caused to the unit by students during the term of the agreement or at move-out. Security Deposits are refundable, minus a $50.00 cleaning fee and any additional charges incurred by the student.

School Sponsored Housing may be financed through financial aid (loans, grants, and scholarships) if the student qualifies. Quarterly housing charges may be included in students' financial plans. The Student Financial Services Staff can answer questions regarding payment plans for School Sponsored Housing.

What's included?
Each bedroom is furnished with two regular twin beds, a dresser, nightstand, and lamp. Each apartment comes with living room and dining room furniture, half-sized washer and dryer, vacuum, mop, broom, bucket, cable and internet, stove, refrigerator/freezer, microwave, dishwasher, and garbage disposal. Apartment windows are treated with blinds.

The cost of utilities is included in the overall fees of housing, however only reasonable, ordinary, and customary usage by the Students is permitted.*
*Refer to Section # 14 of the Housing License Agreement for specifics about utilities.

Students fill out a Roommate Preference Guide when they apply. The roommate guide asks a number of personality questions that enable the Housing Staff to make roommate assignments based on similar living styles (e.g., morning person versus night person). We also take into consideration academic program, quarter in school and any roommate requests that students submit.

New friendships, late-night study sessions, laugh-out-loud fun and real-world drama; the college experience includes them all. A student's choice of housing plays a big part in the overall experience he or she has while pursuing studies at The Art Institute of California—Sacramento. The Housing Staff is committed to providing students with comfortable, affordable, and convenient housing options.

Some benefits of School Sponsored Housing are:

  • Costs may be included in the student financial plan if eligible
  • Opportunities to meet other students from The Art Institute of California—Sacramento
  • Convenient location near The Art Institute of Sacramento, shopping centers, and major freeway
  • Professional Residential Life Staff live on-site and are available to address student needs 24-hours a day
  • Social and educational programs are planned for students

All of The Art Institute of California—Sacramento apartments are same-sex. Housing is offered on a first-come, first-served basis based on availability. Basic features of School Sponsored Housing include:

  • Courtesy patrolled communities
  • On-site parking
  • Furnished apartments
  • Swimming pools and Jacuzzis
  • Fitness center
  • Student Housing Activity Center

To schedule a tour of our School Sponsored communities, reserve your space, or for more general information on housing options, please contact us at (916) 550-0577 or

Reserving a Space
Contact the Housing Office to reserve your space in School Sponsored Housing. Housing agreements will only be accepted upon admission to The Art Institute of California—Sacramento. Reservations are confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis upon receipt of the License Agreement, Rules & Regulations, Roommate Preference Guide and Security Deposit. Students who do not receive an immediate reservation will be placed on a waiting list. Students may expect to receive housing move-in information approximately two to three weeks prior to the start of school.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What are the students like?
We currently house approximately 65 students in School Sponsored Housing. These students represent an academic cross-section of the school. They also represent a geographic cross-section of the Sacramento area, The United States, and several foreign countries.

What happens if my personal belongings are damaged or missing?*
Refer to Section #10 of the Housing License Agreement.

As you prepare to move into School Sponsored Housing, we at The Art Institute of California—Sacramento would like you to consider insuring your personal property with a renter’s insurance policy. These policies often protect against the unexpected, such as theft, water damage or other problems. Please keep in mind The Art Institute of California—Sacramento is not responsible for any damage or theft of personal property, purchasing renter’s insurance is highly recommended.

Can I move in for just one quarter to see what it's like?
The License Agreement at The Art Institute of California—Sacramento has a 3 quarter duration. This means that regardless of the quarter that the student moves in, the agreement ends after 3 consecutive quarters. At the term of the License Agreement, you may either choose to renew or move out of School Sponsored Housing. If you decide to leave School Sponsored Housing prior to the 3 quarter term or are asked to leave for academic or discipline-related reasons, a License-Break Fee of $1450.00 will apply.

What happens if my roommates and I don't get along?
Learning to communicate and compromise with your roommates is one of the most valuable skills you will gain from living in School Sponsored Housing. If you and your roommates are not getting along, a member of the Housing Staff will conduct roommate mediations. This is typically an activity to get everyone talking and thinking of ways to improve the situation. If this does not work, students are allowed to change rooms after the fourth week of the quarter.

What should I do about a phone?
Most of our students use their cell phones as their main way of communication.

Can I bring my dog with me?
The only animals allowed in School Sponsored Housing are certified and approved service animals. If you require a service animal for a disability, you will need to submit your accommodation documentation to Michelle Bernett, Student Support & Disability Coordinator, for approval prior to bringing the animal into housing. No other pets are allowed.

Where does my mail go?
When you move in, you will receive a key to your mailbox. If you receive packages that cannot fit into your mailbox, the Leasing Office will notify you and will hold it there until you come to pick it up.

Do I have to move out during school breaks?
No. Once you move into your apartment, you can stay there until the end of your license agreement.

Where will I park my car?
Each apartment is given one assigned parking space that you will share with your roommates. There is visitor parking at the apartment complex. If your apartment has more than one car, it will be up to the roommates as to how you want to share the parking space.

What expectations does The Art Institute of California—Sacramento have of Housing Students?
The Art Institute of California—Sacramento expects that all residents maintain their apartments in accordance to the safety and cleanliness standards as outlined in the Housing License Agreement. The Art Institute of California—Sacramento School Sponsored Housing community is a diverse group of students. Students are expected to treat one another with respect regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, race, or disability.

Why choose School Sponsored Housing?
Be part of a Community

  • Make new friends with others who share your creative interests
  • Enjoy the opportunity to participate in organized activities, as well as activities with the Residence Life Coordinator and Resident Assistants.
  • The complex features swimming pools and a 24 hour fitness center.
  • The most common housing arrangement is a large two-bedroom/two bathroom apartment shared by four students.
  • Reasonable rules and regulations are established and enforced for the safety and well-being of all.
  • A Residence Life Coordinator and Resident Assistant live on-site.

Enjoy the Convenience
Location, location, location — Located less than 1 mile away from The Art Institute of Sacramento.

  • Approximately 65 students live in School Sponsored Housing.
  • All apartments are equipped with refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, built-in microwave, half sized washer and dryer, and basic cleaning package.
  • Accessible to the Sacramento Regional Transit System, grocery stores, banks, restaurants, and pharmacy.
  • Apartments are equipped with peep-holes, carbon monoxide detectors, and smoke alarms.
  • The cost of housing may be included in your financial plan for eligible students.
  • Utilities are included - Electric/Trash Removal/Water/Cable/Internet (not included: phone).

The Art Institute of California—Sacramento, a campus of Argosy University

2850 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite #100, Sacramento, CA 95833
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