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Career Services
Parent Student Life Career Services

Sending your son or daughter off to college for the first time is a milestone in the lives of both the parents and their child.  Here are some helpful tips from the Career Services Department at The Art Institute of California—San Diego that will help transition your child from a college student, to industry professional:

1) Think of career development as a process that begins on Day 1.  Your student has enrolled at The Art Institute of California—San Diego, an institution that focuses on "career-focused" education. Your son or daughter should always be thinking, "What can I take from this class to the professional world?"  With each course, your student will take on new competencies and skills that will come in handy when they begin working.  Encourage your student to ask lots of questions and activity think of their career goals as they attend each class.

2) Stop by Career Services early in their tenure.  It's never too early to come into the Career Services department so students can familiarize themselves with all the services that are available to them now, and once they graduate.  The Roadmap to Success (see attachment) will help guide them through activities that they can do to become more involved, and will help them better prepare for what awaits them when they graduate.

3) Sign up for Job Leads.  The Career Services department distributes parent time, freelance and contract positions to current students who are looking for industry and non-industry related employment while they're in school.  Even if students are not currently seeking employment, it's a great idea to become familiar with what's out there... you never know if you're going to find an awesome opportunity that can open doors in the future!

4) Attend on-campus and extra-curricular events:  Networking is all about getting involved and building relationships.  On a quarterly basis, Career Services invites industry professionals to campus, tours local businesses with students and meets up at industry events and conventions.  The more involved your student becomes in these types of activities, the better foundation and network they'll be able to draw up one when looking for employment when graduation approaches.  Encourage them to get involved early.... And often!

5) Participate in an internship before graduation: Employers see this as one of the most experiences that help prepare students for the "real world".  By participating in an internship, your student will gain so many valuable skills and new hands-on experiences that will be so valuable when they begin their career.  Please encourage your student to obtain an internship in their last two quarters before they graduate.  See Career Services for a comprehensive list of local opportunities for ever major.

6) Encourage your son or daughter to explore and discover their own.  Part of the excitement of attending college comes with the new life lessons your child will learn. This is not an easy transition for many, but necessary if they are to succeed and thrive.  There's a "fine line" between encouraging and doing too much for your student; offer your support and guidance, but ultimately, it should be your son or daughter who takes initiative and is responsible for their own success.  Your child will thrive and their self confidence will grow with every new challenge they take on themselves, ultimately helping them reach their personal and professional goals.  

For more information on this topic, please have your son or daughter contact a Career Services Advisor for their major.  Thank you!  

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