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Organizations & Activities
Bicycles at Mission Beach

Advertising Club
To provide and promote a better understanding of the functions of advertising and of its values. To stimulate and encourage advertising professionalism through advertising education. To apply the skills, creativity and energy of advertising to help solve social problems. To develop the individual abilities of its members. To promote fellowship and free exchange of ideas.

Ai CA — San Diego Food Club
AICASD Food Club is a social student club that visits and experiences an array of dining experiences in the San Diego Community.

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)
To enrich students with knowledge in quality and creative design opportunities; opportunities that will instill excellence not only in validation of creative design, but also to develop relationships that will inspire students to become accomplished and successful professionals in society.

American Society of Interior Design (ASID)
ASID inspires and enriches its members and the interior design profession by providing indispensable knowledge, experiences and relationships. ASID is where design comes to life.

Arcade Club
Arcade Club is a social club that facilitates tournaments and the transition of games for our student lounge arcade.

B’Boys and Girls club
The goal of the B’Boys and B’Girls graf and S.O.U.L club is to enhance the student experience by providing a creative and physical outlet, which will focus on the hip hop dance culture. Meetings will involve a forum where our members will discuss, study, and practice the hip hop dance culture. Members will primarily participate in dancing and/or may choose to study one of the other disciplines that make up the four elements of hip-hop.

Character Design Club
We are an alliance of students dedicated to the study of character creation. Together we bring conglomeration of ideas to further the group’s thoughts and outlooks on how to go about designing a person, animal or creature.

Comic Club
The comic book club’s goal is to create an environment where students can share ideas and work together to create comic strips. The club aims to help develop the students in their story telling abilities by having their work critiqued by the group.

Concept Art Club
To create more sense of their abilities in conceptual art. This will help to prepare the students for their careers which will hopefully be more concentrated toward the concept work. This profits the student by furthering their social skills, exploring the human anatomy and having a better understanding of how the process from a conceptual standpoint works.

GIG (Girls in Gaming)
The Primary goal of the Girls in Gaming club is to promote networking between the girls in Game Art and Design and also to Provide information about unique job opportunities that are available to females in the industry.

GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)
To provide a save environment where gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students, faculty and staff can unite as a community, by establishing social support through networking and activities.

Level Design Club
The Level Design Club is committed to providing our students with a forum in which they can apply the skills and concepts being developed at The Art Institute of California San Diego in the creation of game levels and modifications. Specific goals and objectives related to competing this mission are as follows:

  • Formation of development team with a team leader and a common goal.
  • Teams will focus on the development of common-themed levels. Each team member will be responsible for the layout and construction of their own individual levels.
  • Development of games assets will be divided among team members.
  • Club meetings will serve as an arena to play test levels, update projects status and share knowledge and best practices of level design and game modification.

Modeling on a budget
There is more to a model than just the way it looks on screen, just like us a model should have a certain flow and form to it. A model must mimic the natural formation of whatever it is being created after. Groups of polys should look and deform the same as the muscle it represents. We are here to try and understand how to get the most realistic models out of the least amount of polys.

Photo Club
Photo Club is a club to promote artistic, creative, and technical, pursuits of photography. Active members will have the opportunity to conceive of, plan, actualize and participate in numerous activities, events and forums related to photography.

The Ambassadors Club
This is a group of students that promote the philosophy of “students helping students.” Members of the Ambassadors Club act as emissaries for the college and as a liaison between students, staff and faculty. Students selected to this group assist new students as they adjust to life at The Art Institute and to the San Diego area, as well as help in the organization and promotion of campus activities.

The Fashion Club
The fashion club is a new club designed to encourage networking and information sharing amongst students in the fashion programs.

The Theatre Club
The Theatre club's primary goal is to have a better understanding of the full functions of the theatre as a whole.


  • FaceTime with the Prez
  • Health & Wellness Fairs
  • Meet the Pros (Professional Speaker Series)
  • All School BBQ’s
  • Holiday Luncheons
  • Community Service Events
  • Stress Relief Events
  • Ice Cream Socials
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