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Welcome to the Parent/Family Member Resource Web Site

Welcome to the Parent/Family Member Resource Website for The Art Institute of California—San Diego!  I want to assure you that the members of the staff and faculty of our school are dedicated to helping each and every student to achieve their educational goals. 

In this spirit, this website includes information about the New Student Emotional Timeline, Career Services tips for supportive family members, an explanation of FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and information about Student Financial Services, School-Sponsored Housing, Student Activities and Academic Advising.  In addition, you will find some helpful readings for parents and others. 

Please feel free to share your thoughts and questions with us! 

AJ Antun
The Art Institute of California— San Diego

Understanding the College Student Emotional Timeline:

  • Week 1: Euphoria… excited about classes, love their roommates/classmates, honeymoon period.  Parent guidance: Ask your student about classes, about their roommates/classmates.  
  • Week 3-4: Homesick/longing for the “high school ways and friends”….  Roommates are getting into a routine, classes not as exciting, missing their way of doing things.  Parent guidance: encourage your student to go to Student Affairs to meet with counseling services and Student Development Coordinator to see how you can get involved in clubs/activities.
  • Week 6: Anxiety (midterms)….  They are realizing they really have to work hard to stay on top of classes.  Parent guidance: encourage your student to talk with instructors, utilize learning lab, sign up for tutors and meet with instructors for additional help/support.
  • Week 8/9: Tired/temperamental… Worn out from classes, roommates/classmates are starting to get on their nerves.  Parent guidance: Ask your student what they are doing to take care of themselves, how are they eating, are they doing anything fun, how are they managing their stress?  
  • Week 10: STRESSED…..  Finals are around the corner, wishing they had worked harder, running on minimal sleep.  Parent Guidance: Encourage your student to continue to take care of their health, to eat and get enough sleep.  Guide them to utilize the learning lab and work with instructors for support and guidance.
  • Week 12: Fatigue….  First day or two at home they will sleep a lot.  Parent Guidance: Talk with them about their classes, friends, and experience.  Work with them around setting up time management plan and brainstorm ways they can take care of themselves and manage their stress throughout the quarter.

Student Corner: Tips from Students for Parents:

  • If able assist your student with food costs.  Buy them a food card or give them money to purchase groceries
  • Communicate with your student and respect boundaries.  Ask them how they are feeling and talk about it but respect if there are moments when they don’t’ want to talk.
  • Show your student you care about them and acknowledge their hard work.  Sending a letter in the mail, a text or a package goes a long way in letting them know someone is rooting for them.
  • Help your student find balance.  Make sure they know it’s important to have fun while in school.
  • Encourage your student to get involved with school - join clubs, attend events, etc.
  • Listen to your student…. A lending ear can go a long way.
  • Be patient… there will be times that are harder and more stressful than others.
  • Encourage your student to utilize all resources at the school – Peer Mentors, counseling, events, clubs, financial aid officers, disability services, etc.


The Art Institute of California—San Diego believes that Parents, family members and friends play a significant role in student's being successful in college. The Parent Relations Program was designed to provide information and guidance how to support and empower your student as well as resources available at The Art Institute of California—San Diego for your students and you! If you have any questions, comments or would like to receive more information and updates around upcoming events please contact Jennifer Donaldson, Dean of Student Affairs at or 858-598-1469. 

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