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School Sponsored Housing
art and design school student

Quick Links:
Housing Brochure
Housing Application

New friendships, late-night study sessions, laugh-out-loud fun, and real-world drama - the college experience includes them all. A student's choice of housing plays a big part in the overall experience he or she has while pursuing studies at The Art Institute of California—San Francisco. The School Sponsored Housing Office is committed to providing students with comfortable, affordable, and convenient housing options.

Many students prefer to live in School Sponsored Housing arranged by The Art Institute of California—San Francisco, especially when relocating from outside the area. The school has created a cohesive community at its School Sponsored Housing location: Parkmerced apartments in San Francisco. This housing site is conveniently located within a 25-35-minute commute from the school using public transportation (Muni).

Students may choose to live in independent housing secured directly by the student. The Bay Area features a wide variety of housing options for students, depending on lifestyle, budget, and location. Students who decide not to participate in School Sponsored Housing are encouraged to begin their housing search early. San Francisco has one of the lowest vacancy rates and one of the highest average rental rates in the country.


School Sponsored Housing provides housing in multiple locations for same-gender residency. All apartments are furnished with beds, desks and chairs, dresser(s), kitchen table with chairs, and lamps. The apartments have a full kitchen and 1 - 2 bathrooms per unit. Although the student occupied apartments are within the same complex, neighbors may be non-students.

Each apartment complex offers different amenities for students but the price for housing is the same for all students.

The two bedroom apartments have two bathrooms. Each bedroom has two standard twin beds, a dresser, and a lamp, with a full-size closet to share. The living and dining room area includes a sofa, dining table and four chairs, and a floor lamp. All of the two bedrooms have full size kitchens.

All students need to provide their own pots, pans, cooking utensils, cutlery and crockery for the kitchens, as well as linens, towels and personal items for the apartment. All of the apartments are cable, internet and phone ready. It is the responsibility of each of the residents to purchase service through a local provider for cable, internet and phone.

The commute time for students can range from 20-30 minutes depending on the location. Commute costs can range from $2-3.50 each way but is easily accessible from the apartment complex to school.

Parking is available at each of the locations with varying costs. Please contact School Sponsored Housing for more information and options on parking at the apartment complex or in the city.

For more specific details on our housing properties, please contact School Sponsored Housing at 415-276-4020.

Roommate and apartment assignments are completed two weeks before the move in date. You should expect a letter via email notifying you of your roommates' names, contact information and new address, within 14 days of move in.  A follow up post card will be sent via mail or phone call confirming your space in School Sponsored Housing.   Assignments are based on the lifestyle preferences listed on the Housing Application as well as time of deposit and availability of space. Students may request a specific roommate, provided the requested roommate has also agreed to the arrangement. While every effort is made to match students who have like interests and personality traits, limited space sometimes makes ideal matches challenging at best. The best way to ensure a good match is to get the application and deposit in early.

School-Sponsored Housing may be financed through financial aid loans, grants or scholarships to those who qualify. Housing charges are based on a per-quarter rate. Charges may be included in the student's financial plan. The Student Financial Services staff can answer questions about how housing charges may affect monthly or quarterly payments.

What do Housing Costs Include?

The current housing rate is $2928 per quarter. Students entering into School Sponsored Housing will sign a license agreement for three quarters (approximately nine months) The cost of School-Sponsored Housing includes basic utilities, furniture rental, and 24-hour staff support, and activities provided by School Sponsored Housing. Telephone, Internet, and television connections are the responsibility of students.

To apply for housing, click on the link below and fill in all of the fields. You will be able to pay the $300 deposit by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or check.

Housing Application 

To reserve a space in School-Sponsored Housing, a housing application and security deposit must be on file with School Sponsored Housing. School Sponsored Housing will guarantee a space in housing up to one month prior to the first day of classes. Students who send in their application and deposit less than one month prior to the beginning of classes could be placed on a waiting list, and assignments will be made as space is available, on a first-come, first-served basis, in order of receipt of application and deposit. Housing applications and deposits may be submitted up to one year prior to the anticipated start date; however, housing applications cannot be considered until a student has been admitted as a student to the school.

The reservation deposit of $300 is kept on file as a security/damage deposit once a student moves into School-Sponsored Housing. The deposit is refundable minus cleaning/damage charges when a student vacates School-Sponsored Housing. If any damages or excess cleaning needs to be done while the student is residing in School-Sponsored Housing, those charges will be added to the student's account. If a student cancels housing within two weeks of the move-in date, a $200 administrative fee will be taken from the original deposit.

The licensing agreement outlines the terms of the formal agreement between a housing student and The Art Institute of California — San Francisco. It also defines basic rules and regulations that are in effect while living in School-Sponsored Housing. The length of the agreement is for three quarters. The license agreement is a legal document, and must be honored for its full term in order to avoid a breach of contract penalty and loss of security/damage deposit. For a copy of the Student Housing License Agreement, please contact School Sponsored Housing at 415-276-4020.

The Housing Staff consists of the Director of Housing and Residential Life (full-time professional staff person), a Residence Life Coordinator (full-time professional staff person living on-site), and the Resident Assistants (part-time student staff members living on-site). The Residence Life Coordinator makes periodic visits to the units, conducts inspections, meets regularly with school housing residents, promotes activities and community at housing and maintains regular office hours at the main campus. The Resident Assistant works up to 15-20 hours per week planning activities, completing health and safety inspections, providing on-call emergency assistance, answering questions, and offering general help to the residents. The staff organizes events such as potlucks, bowling nights, San Francisco city tours, videogame tournaments, barbeques, pizza parties, and a variety of activities to give students opportunities to interact with each other. You will often find numerous households together in one apartment, studying, playing video games, cooking, and enjoying one another's company.

The student's rights and responsibilities outlined in the Student Handbook extend to those students living in School-Sponsored Housing. There are also policies outlined in the Student Licensing Agreement that specifically outline what is expected in School-Sponsored Housing. Some of these include: breach of contract, quiet hours, guest policy, alcohol and drug policy, safety standards, and cleanliness expectations. The Art Institute of California — San Francisco expects that all residents maintain their apartments in accordance to those rules outlined in the Student Licensing Agreement. The Art Institute housing comprises a diverse group of students. Students are expected to treat one another with respect regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, or race. For a more detailed look at the Student Licensing Agreement please contact School Sponsored Housing.

Each apartment complex has its own maintenance and security staff, available 24 hours a day and seven days a week for emergency issues. Students may report non-emergency issues related to maintenance problems, concerns about security, and conflicts with non-student residents to the property management staff during regular office hours. Students who are concerned about unresolved problems that have been reported are encouraged to speak with the Residence Life Coordinator or the Director of Residential Life and Housing.

School-Sponsored Housing charges do not include parking costs. There are unpaid parking spots available that are first come, first served, as well as underground paid parking that the student arranges through the property managers independently with a variety of packages available. Please contact School Sponsored Housing for more information.

Housing Office
Raymond Gonzales
Director of Housing & Residence Life
The Art Institute of California — San Francisco, a campus of Argosy University

The Art Institute of California—San Francisco, a campus of Argosy University

1170 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102-4928
1.415.865.0198 • 1.888.493.3261
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