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From housing to a culture of learning, take a look at this network of services intended to help handle the details so you can focus on your education.
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Organizations & Activities
art and design school student

The Art Institute of Seattle places a high value on the quality of student life both in and out of the classroom setting. We provide an environment that encourages involvement in a wide variety of activities of an academic and non-academic nature, including clubs and organizations, community service opportunities, and various committees designed to enhance the quality of student life. Students will find a wealth of clubs in which to be involved.

Numerous all-school programs and events are planned throughout the year to meet the needs and desires of students. The Student Development Coordinator is available to assist students in the development and implementation of co-curricular activities and events at The Art Institute of Seattle.

What's Happening at The Art Institute of Seattle
There are several different ways to find out what's happening at The Art Institute of Seattle.

We have six designated approved postings locations throughout the North and South campuses. In the South Campus, check out the enclosed case by the Registrar, the enclosed case by room 717/718, and the enclosed case in the student lounge. In the North Campus, there is a posting board in Student Affairs and the Alaskan Way Level student lounge. This is where all campus flyers will be posted. Check regularly! Each approved posting board displays a copy of the sign posting policy. Please refer to it for more details.

Student posting boards are located in all student lounges and are for you to post your information of interest: roommates needed, car for sale, textbook for sale, etc. Just date it and pin it up!

The weekly announcements are a great way to stay in the loop. Located in various places throughout both campuses, "This Week at The Art Institute of Seattle" details club meetings, events, and other important information.



Anime & Manga
This club is for anyone interested in Anime, Manga and other Asian and Japanese animation and cartooning.

Ai Soccer Team
The Art Institute of Seattle Soccer team has a history of being a strong team. You can join the team or come and support them at their games.

Audio Club
Audio students take on quarterly special recording projects under the mentorship of an Audio Instructor.

Club Culinary
Culinary students exploring out of classroom projects like baking pumpkin pies for Harvest Dinner and food fund-raisers.

Concept Art Club
Students collaborate to design concept art projects to further individual skills and practice teamwork project development.

Fashion Network
The Fashion Network meets for networking and to develop quarterly projects, shows and competitions.

Fervent Features
This dynamic group brings together students of all programs of study to jointly develop a feature film.

FUEL (publication)
The Art Institute of Seattle’s own student publication with articles, artwork and engaging ideas. Students are encouraged to submit to FUEL.

Graphic Design Club
The Graphic Design Club explores a variety of graphic forms including screen printing, posters and other experimental mediums.

International Networking Club (INC!)
INC! is a club for International Students to get together and plan activities and fun social events, as well as an opportunity for domestic students to mingle with international students and make friends.

Industrial Design Society
This club is focused on special projects and topics in the world of Industrial Design. One upcoming event is the creation of a milk carton boat for a derby.

Interior Design Networking Group
This is a fun and professional networking group for Interior and Residential Designers who want to make wider connections.

The China Connection
Beginners and students with some level of fluency come together to practice Mandarin Chinese and discuss Chinese culture and language.

Student Council
The Student Council is a student governing board dedicated to increasing student participation in the overall decision-making process of The Art Institute of Seattle. The role of the Student Council is:

  1. Provide a forum to discuss student issues
  2. To facilitate the exchange of ideas and information among students
  3. To act as a liaison between students, faculty and administration
  4. To support school clubs and work collaboratively with these organizations
  5. To oversee the allocation of funding to student clubs and organizations
  6. To organize student activities and events at the school and in the community and to promote to the student body
  7. To provide leadership opportunities for students within the school
  8. To promote school spirit among the student body and create a sense of community with the school that will result in student success

Untitled Animation Club
The UAC’s focus is sharing and peer critique of 2-D sketching for animation.


*Meeting times and schedules subject to change. Not all clubs/activities are offered each quarter – please check with the Student Affairs Office at for more information, or visit the Student Activity Center on the Alaskan Way level of the North Campus or check out the Student Activities blog at


Student Activities

- Casino Night
- Chinese New Year
- Drop-In Tutoring
- Emerging Leaders Program
- Festival of Cultures
- Film Fest
- Harvest Dinner
- Health Food Fair
- Movie & Pizza Parties
- Open Life Drawing Sessions
- Open Mic
- Safety & Self-defense Workshops
- Stress Breaks
- Summer Barbecues
- Unreal Bootcamp
- Wellness Week
- Yoga classes



Creators in Christ Club
This club is designed to create a friendly environment for religious people seeking a relationship with God and friendship with others like themselves. The group meets on a regular basis and often discusses religious issues, takes part in group activities and reflects on the well being of the members and peers.

Exploring Spirituality & Spiritual Development
This weekly workshop presents opportunities for clarifying awareness of beliefs and experiential exercises including learning simple meditation techniques, clarifying values, dream work, or using art as spiritual expression. Also, learn more about the universal connecting purpose of spirituality, and the many ways that different people experience a sense of transcendence and connection.
Warning! Participation in this group and regularly practicing some of the exercises that feel right  for you could lead to increasing quality of peace, love, and happiness.

Into The Living Room
This is a social and support group for gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender students and their heterosexual allies. We encourage personal development in a safe atmosphere through support, social and educational activities.

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