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Meet Our Alumni

  • Ai Orange County alumni

    Carissa Cichacki

    "I have been commended on being organized and detail-oriented. Group projects in school mimic the corporate world very well."

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    Carissa Cichacki

    Balances Store Inventory for Skechers USA

    Carissa Cichacki is a retail allocator for Skechers USA, responsible for balancing store inventory. “I report to my manager for shipping direction, then run and analyze reports. I have targets to hit by certain times in the day and if I can’t hit the number goals, I consult with my manager for a new strategy,” she says.

    Carissa adds that the fashion industry can be intense. “Be a team player as much as you are independent—but remain patient and ask for help when you need it.” She’s excited to have been offered a promotion at Skechers after only seven months with the company. “I made connections, remained honest, and gave 110% every day to get this position.” Carissa mentions that while marketing herself is outside of her comfort zone, it’s an invaluable tool to get ahead. “I consistently ask for more responsibility. When my department asks for feedback and strategies, I speak up, even if they don’t like what I have to say.” She adds that she’s constantly learning—including taking on advanced Excel in her current position. “I stayed calm, asked lots of questions, took notes, and eventually figured it out. I am now one of the most proficient people in my department when it comes to Excel.”

    Carissa, who in 2016 earned a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Marketing & Management from The Art Institute of California—Orange County, says that the projects she worked on in school prepared her for the demanding deadlines of the industry. “I have been commended on being organized and detail-oriented. Group projects in school mimic the corporate world very well.” Today, she’s excited to be in a job where she’ll voluntarily stay for overtime to meet the company’s goals. “I’ve had the opportunity to share creative strategies that are making the department more efficient. I have also had the chance to improve our marketing emails through analysis and design directive.”

  • Jessica Lowe

    Jessica Sylvanus Lowe

    “The Art Institute of Austin was hands-on and personal. I felt like the environment was creative.”

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    Jessica Sylvanus Lowe

    Creates Marketing Materials Seen on a Global Scale

    Jessica Sylvanus Lowe is a senior graphic designer at Welch Allyn in New York. She designs marketing materials and enjoys the variety of projects that she gets to work on. She’s also continuing her education within the industry. “I like seeing my work on such a large scale, especially globally,” she says.

    Jessica is inspired by color. “When I see designs with beautifully chosen color themes, they reel me in. My heroes in the industry are all of those who design (because they want to], not because they have to.”

    She cites the Photoshop and InDesign classes she took in school as being especially beneficial to her career growth. In 2013, Jessica earned an Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Austin. “The school was hands-on and personal. I felt like the environment was creative compared to other school campuses. It had a primary focus in the art, which surrounded me with peers of many talents.”

    Looking to the future, Jessica believes that her industry will continue to be more digital and interactive. “I strongly believe print will never die because I don’t want it to. But everything will improve—from picture and video resolution to search engine optimization capabilities and analytics.”

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  • Wilfred Rodriguez

    Wilfred Rodriguez

    “My education prepared me for a career in many ways. I learned many different types of software and the industry terminology.”

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    Wilfred Rodriguez

    Emmy-award Winning Producer, Stepped in as Camera Man when Pope Visited D.C. 

    As a producer for Entravision Communications, Wilfred Rodriguez is responsible for creating commercials. He writes, shoots, edits, and talks with clients about their vision for the finished product.  “After creating the initial concept, I work on the script and determine the amount of money needed to invest in casting, equipment, and film crews. We then proceed to shoot the spot and edit the commercial for the client’s approval.”

    Wilfred earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production in 2014 from The Art Institute of Washington. There, he learned both the industry software and terminology.   “The best advice I can give a student going through a tough time is: don't let it get to you. Take a breather and continue to work hard. Don't give up.”

    He says that he was excited to step in as a camera man during the Pope’s visit to Washington, D.C. “We were down a camera man so I stepped in and operated the camera during the 6pm and 11pm news. Moments like that are quite fun.” With the fun comes commitment and long hours. “Pay attention to details and make sure things come out as planned or better.”

    Wilfred explains that young professionals are needed in the field to bring new, fresh ideas. He adds that his love of the craft and hard work recently earned him an Emmy. “With every new project comes a new challenge. You're always going to have the challenge of bringing new and fresh ideas to the table. It keeps you growing.”

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