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Celebrating the Professional Journey of our Graduates

We are very proud of our 200,000+ graduates and the impact they’ve had in the lives of the people around them. Hear from alumni themselves, sharing reviews about their Ai education, insight into their careers and advice for students.

My company trusts my design skills and taste, so they give me the opportunity to handle projects from beginning to end. I feel very proud of that.”

Katherine says her tough education made her very comfortable working on tough assignments and deadlines. She believes it’s that experience that empowers her to face challenges in her career, and life outside of it, with more confidence.

Alumni Review
Katherine Saldana

Meet a Miami International University of Art & Design Alum
Katherine Saldana, Senior Interior Designer at 2ID Interiors
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design, 2014 

When asked about his outstanding career as one of only 68 Certified Master Chefs in the country, Daryl says, “It’s all because of that day I decided to pick up the phone and call Admissions. This school showed me food on a whole different scale.” After years in the industry, he even returned to teach, saying “I train them as if I was a student all over again. What would I want?”

Alumni Review
Daryl Shular

Meet an Art Institute of Atlanta Alum
Daryl Shular, Executive Chef/Director of Culinary Operations at Atlanta Athletic Club
Associate of Arts in Culinary Arts, 1994

Christian says that his hands-on, industry-based education helped him to understand the importance of deadlines. In his current role, he says he sometimes “works long hours and weekends to be able to finish collections.” Yet, he thinks that if you love what you do, deadlines can fuel your creativity. He says, “I believe what is going to carry you through is your passion.”

Alumni Review
Christian Ferretti

Meet an Art Institute of California–Hollywood Alum
Christian Ferretti, Men’s Outerwear Designer for Guess? Inc.
Associate of Science in Fashion Design, 2011

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