10 of our Favorite Apps in 2015

By: Georgia Schumacher Filed under: Gaming & Technology

January 29, 2015

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Today’s artists have an ever-increasing number of ways to engage their own creativity, to find inspiration, and to share their work using the latest technology. Mobile apps, in particular, have much to offer those of us who aspire to a life of creativity, and we think these 10 apps are all worth a look.

1. Tayasui Sketches

This artsy app affords users an interface with watercolor, charcoal, architecture, and illustration features for a broad spectrum of possibilities.

2. Brushes

Convenient and fun, this mobile painting application gives you access to a brush and canvas any time and anywhere with the availability of your iPad.

3. Behance

Available on the App Store and Google Play, Behance lets you browse the millions of art pieces on their site, or to check in on the artists you already follow. You can also use this app to view your own Behance portfolio and stats.

4. Sketcher Pro

Sketcher Pro is a fun and simple tool for Android users that allows you to sketch on the go, with 12 brushes, an eraser, and a color selector. The Pro version lets you change the canvas size and orientation as well as zoom when needed.

5. Loop

Art and design enthusiasts who like to play with animation will adore Loop. The app allows users to create animations and GIFs with frame duplication, specialized tools, and sketching capabilities.

6. Popplet

Popplet is ideal for brainstorming your way through the creative process either individually or as part of a team. Concept maps can be shared among fellow students along with images, comments, and feedback.

7. ScatterBrain

Let's face it: you juggle a million deadlines and to-do lists. Get organized with ScatterBrain, which allows you to label and search important dates, deadlines, and notes.

8. Deviant Art

Deviant describes their mobile app as “the world’s largest art gallery in your hand.” Deviant Art allows you to browse and search artwork to discover new concepts, genres, and emerging talents and then lets you communicate with fellow creators.

9. Penultimate

Creative writers and busy students alike will enjoy this note-taking app that saves notes in a searchable database and artfully depicts your unique penmanship for a personalized touch.

10. Keezy

Musicians can create melodies on the go with this handy app that allows you to record, save, and mix sounds.

*Bonus app for students: The Art Institutes App*
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By: Georgia Schumacher Filed under: Gaming & Technology

January 29, 2015

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