3 Tips for Creative Time Management From an Expert

By: The Art Institute of Phoenix

August 11, 2017

Blog post written by Jennifer Smith-Izzo, General Education Program Coordinator at The Art Institute of Phoenix

creative time management

We are all pulled in many directions – schooling, work and personal life, so how can you fit it all into a day and not get overwhelmed? Time management is a skill that also needs to be developed over time—it does not come naturally to all!

Tip 1:  Before you make any plan, prioritize and cut out things you know you just can’t commit to at this time. I typically have a list of things I know I can put on the “back burner” and get to eventually. I also write down my daily tasks in order of importance or on the timeline of when they need to get done. If I don’t get to them, they can move to the next day.

Tip 2:  Make goals—not just deadlines. If you want to have a project completed by a certain time so you can have time with friends or family, make a goal of when you want it completed with some buffer time in the event you have a problem. Waiting until the last minute to complete a task will only add to your stress level.

Tip 3:  Write down your schedule. Whether it is an old-school paper agenda, your phone or Outlook calendar, or sticky notes, find a method because we are so distracted these days that we can’t rely on our memory to sort out all the appointments, deadlines, etc. There are some great APPs that sync your schedule with others, as well (great for family members) like Cozi, plus Apple and Google Calendar have similar functions.

Between work, continuing education, volunteer responsibilities and my family, I have to manage my time efficiently, as well as say no to some opportunities presented to me. You still need to eat, sleep and take care of yourself, so plan well. Because I also have a family, I try to plan out meals and shopping in advance so I don’t waste time running to the store for items I forgot or ran out of—I get it done once a week.

Jennifer Smith Izzo The Art Institute of Phoenix

Jennifer Smith-Izzo runs the General Education department, teaches General Education Capstone and volunteers for her children’s schools and scout troops, as well as her local alumni groups.

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By: The Art Institute of Phoenix

August 11, 2017