Ai Grads Fill Social Media Niche, Joined in Business and Marriage

By: Rachel Handel Filed under: Marketing

April 30, 2021

When Frank D. Kecseti met Alyson Kate Long in a portfolio class at The Art Institute of Atlanta, they had no idea that more than 10 years later they’d be married and running a business together. Kecseti (’12) and Long (‘09’) were both advertising majors, but their careers went in different directions after graduation. While Kecseti chose to focus on internal marketing for Fortune 500 companies, Long wrote ad campaigns for small/medium businesses. “The brilliance of The Art Institute of Atlanta’s advertising program was its cross-discipline skill building,” Long says. “We have the exact same degree but completely different careers.”

Frank D. Kecseti and Alyson Kate Long

A move to North Carolina signified a major shift in their work lives. Kecseti decided to start his own business, focused on social media. “The one thing that every business owner [I talked to] wanted off of their plates was social media,” he states. After pounding the pavement—literally—to line up clients, Kecseti started the social media agency Social Burro. The same week, and just as the coronavirus pandemic began to shut down businesses across the country, Long was let go from her job.

Social Burro social media ad

Social Burro, which has a mission to help small business owners to reconnect with their online and offline communities, began to grow. By the end of December 2020, Kecseti was managing the copywriting, posting, and strategy for 62 social media profiles. His work secured over 2 million impressions for his clients—and at that point, Long took the jump and joined her husband’s company.

Today, she manages content direction, brand strategy, and copywriting while Kecseti focuses on collaborative marketing opportunities that clients use to grow their businesses.

Social Burro social media ad

The duo recommends that current advertising students learn the business, own their skills, and trust their guts. “Creatives are lucky. There’s a fire inside that never dies and a built-in ability to make life what you want,” they say. Kecseti and Long add that their top tip for success is to always follow the brief. “That’s the business of being a creative.”

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By: Rachel Handel Filed under: Marketing

April 30, 2021