Ai LIVE: Actor and Producer Tommy Davidson Shares Insight from his Career

By: Janessa Armstrong Filed under: Film & Production

July 12, 2022

In this episode of Ai LIVE, actor and producer Tommy Davidson joins host E. Vincent Martinez to talk about his experiences in the entertainment industry, and how that influenced his career path. From a stand-up comedian, to an actor, voice actor, and a producer, Davidson has seen a lot, and he’s ready to share his insights.

Tommy Davidson

Davidson got started as a stand-up comedian. What set him apart in the early days was that he had a natural singing ability that he combined with the skills and techniques he learned by watching other comedians. As his career progressed into being an actor, there was a business side to the entertainment industry that no one prepared him for. At the time of the interview, Davidson was preparing a course that combined the business side of entertainment with the more creative side. That tactile and in-person experience was important for Davidson, as there are some things that are hard to learn from a book.

One of his more recognizable roles was on the television show “In Living Color,” a Saturday Night Live type show featuring actors of color. As he was getting more roles, Davidson crafted a plan where he charted out the kinds of things he wanted to accomplish as an actor. So far, he has accomplished many of his goals.

What inspires Davidson is creativity, and the power of ideas. He notes that when mankind invented the wheel, new ideas were born from that invention. He keeps a mill wheel in his home to remind him that new ideas are generated and they push new innovations forward. This sort of cycle perpetuates and encourages us to push forward.

Some of his current projects include working on the Proud Family on Disney+. The show was originally on the Disney Channel, and returned to the streaming service, with Davidson reprising his role as Oscar Proud, the father of the family. He also founded One/Song, a new company, in March 2021, with the goal of taking entertainment world wide.

As the interview wraps up, Davidson shares his belief that it’s time to give the world love back and emphasize the connections between us.

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By: Janessa Armstrong Filed under: Film & Production

July 12, 2022