Ai LIVE: CNN’s Nick Valencia Talks Front-Line News Reporting

By: Rachel Handel Filed under: Film & Production

February 12, 2021

Three-time Peabody Award-winning CNN correspondent Nick Valencia makes a living by covering breaking news. From presidential elections to the coronavirus pandemic, Valencia is one of the many journalists working to bring accurate, timely information to the public. In this episode of Ai LIVE, host E. Vincent Martinez speaks with Valencia about his work and the challenges of being a reporter in today’s media climate.

Nick Valencia

Valencia mentions that his work ethic is based on his father’s mantra: “Greatness is measured by how much it takes to discourage you.” Valencia adds that discipline is what’s gotten him to this point in his career. And that every reporter’s goal is to be on the frontlines before a moment becomes history.

Valencia’s goal is to make the world a better place through his reporting—and to serve as a role model for other Latinos. On AiLIVE, he speaks in Spanish directly to the Latino community, letting them know that this is a historic time for all people, stating: “que estamos juntos” – we are all in this together.

He also discusses the role of the producer and camera man on the scene—talking about a time when his team was the very first to arrive at the devastation following an F5 tornado in Oklahoma. When asked by Martinez how to frame such a frightening event, Valencia explains that he always starts with a wide shot, then zeroes in on the details.

The segment was filmed while Valencia was actively covering the coronavirus pandemic, and he talks about the challenges of working from home, distilling and vetting information, and getting that information out to viewers.

Valencia also discusses his own challenges in dealing with the post-traumatic stress caused by what he’s seen during his career. He provides insight into his routine of exercise, clearing his mind, and finding time for himself—proven tools that help him to cope.

He mentions that in his work, he looks for the people who are doing good work. And he finds that people are either driven by fear or driven by hope—those driven by hope are the ones who inspire him.

Learn more about Valencia and his work as a reporter by watching AiLIVE.

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By: Rachel Handel Filed under: Film & Production

February 12, 2021