Ai LIVE: Tim Moore Discusses the Future of Filmmaking

By: Janessa Armstrong Filed under: Film & Production

June 10, 2022

In this episode of Ai LIVE, host E. Vincent Martinez talks with Tim Moore, CEO of Diamond View Studios based in Tampa, Florida. The two discuss the power of filmmaking, and the future of filmmaking with virtual production.

Tim Moore

Moore got his start at the young age of 15, when he went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. He described his education on filmmaking as “third-hand,” as he documented what the mission trip did. When he got home, he was expecting to receive applause for his film. Instead, he saw that his piece had moved people to the point of tears, encouraging the audience to donate. This event sealed his desire to become a filmmaker.

Now that Moore heads Diamond View Studios, he’s worked with many big named brands, producing numerous commercials for Super Bowl LV, though his career didn’t start out this way. Part of his philosophy is that every advantage is the next advantage. He began by doing a car dealership commercial for free, and then used that commercial to provide leverage for working with another dealership.

Part of what inspires Moore to take on a project is his own natural curiosity and his sense of discovery. He’s excited for the opportunity to do something different, and brands often want a one-of-kind outcome.

Diamond View Studios are moving towards a virtual production model—they assemble a large screen to act as a background, using LED technology to simulate locations. From a sunset that lasts for hours, to a beach-front scene with perfect climate control, Moore believes that this virtual production is the future of filmmaking. It allows filmmakers so much more control, and looks more realistic than the green-screens used previously. It also was how the studio produced many of the commercials for Super Bowl LV.

When asked what advice he would give to aspiring students, Moore said that the present is the launching pad for their career. This is when they have the most time to work on and perfect their portfolio and their skills. He also said that he likes to see what projects people work on for fun, since it helps him gauge how passionate someone is about filmmaking and a broader scope of their skills.

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By: Janessa Armstrong Filed under: Film & Production

June 10, 2022