3 Professional Photography Websites that Deserve Your Attention

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June 5, 2017

Beautiful Professional Photography Websites

A beautiful image can surprise us with the emotions it evokes. To tell a story, to make a complex idea seem simple, to light your creative spark—sometimes all you need is one photograph.

Today, we share with you three of our favorite professional photography websites from our faculty in the Photography programs at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division. Each of their professional photography websites is sure to captivate and inspire. We hope you’ll enjoy!

1. Gazelle Samizay, MFA

Now a resident of Los Angeles, instructor Gazelle Samizay was born in Afghanistan, and she describes much of her work as exploring the complexity of “identity, the rights and self-expression of women, the regulation of their bodies, and relationships within Afghan-American culture.”

In the Works section of Gazelle’s professional photography website, you’ll find nine powerful collections, each including a statement explaining the purpose and meaning of her photography and videography work. Gazelle’s art has been shown around the world, with her work currently on display in Tulsa and Los Angeles and showings recently held in Long Beach, Seattle, and London. 

2. Brianna M. Burnett

Like all the best professional photography websites, instructor Brianna Burnett’s site is full of eye-catching and intriguing imagery imbued with meaning. Her portfolio page features six compilations inspired by landscape, history, and the culture of her Texas surroundings—works she defines as “studies of historical and personal narrative.” Her photographs have been exhibited in El Salvador and across the US, including in Texas, Maine, Missouri, Oregon, and Illinois. From the haunting historical image on her homepage to the poetic Blue Unfolds series, we think you’ll find much to admire on this photography site.

3. Ellyn Norris 
Searching professional photography websites in hopes of stumbling across amazing travel photography? Search no more. You’ve come to the perfect place. Instructor Ellyn Norris’ photography captures animals, people, landscapes, and buildings from her travels around the globe. Her most recent photos, which you’ll find on her homepage, explore the country of Nepal, but deeper within the site, you’ll discover breathtaking scenes from Iceland as well. Ellyn’s professional photography site also showcases strong examples of client portraits and product photography.

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By: The Art Institutes Filed under: Film & Production

June 5, 2017

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