4 Tips for Paying for Day-to-Day Expenses in College

By: The Art Institutes

November 22, 2017

4 Tips for Paying for Day-to-Day Expenses in College
Pursuing a degree and preparing for a career doing what you love is an amazing opportunity. So, figuring out how you’ll pay for your day-to-day expenses while also paying for your education may take some planning. Sure, creating a financial plan to finance your education and adjusting your budget may take some thought and careful consideration, but our Student Finance Counselors will be here to offer guidance and support. Below are some tips that can help. 

(Psst: If you’re in need of financial aid information to help you finance your education rather than advice on how to manage your day-to-day expenses, start with our financial aid page or contact your Student Finance Counselor.  Financial aid is available to those who qualify.)

1. Find tools to help with managing your finances.
College student or not, knowing how you spend your money is smart. Tracking where you spend your money may help you to make adjustments. There are many online tools to help you with tracking your spending and creating a budget. For starters, your bank may have an app or features which may help, and sites like iGrad!, Mint, and YouNeedaBudget are also great resources to consider.

2. Make smart choices about how you spend.
Once you get a handle on how you spend, start looking for ways to save and find places where you could allocate a smaller budget. Perhaps you could cut back on coffee shop visits, pack your meals, or cut back on impulse purchases at your favorite retailer. Maybe you’re paying for a bigger cable package than you actually use. 

While you’re at it, set up reminders or automatic payments to ensure you pay your bills on time to avoid late fees. Phone data is another place where overage fees can catch you by surprise, so sign up for data alerts to avoid surpassing your limit. 

3. Look for student discounts.
Need to shop for some essentials? In need of a day out of the house? Look for places where you can get discounts for showing your student identification card! Many businesses, including various computer stores, retailers, restaurants, movie theaters, phone providers, gyms, and insurance companies, offer discounts for students. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division will provide a student identification card to you in the mail upon request through its Campus Common student portal.

At The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division, the majority of your courses will have a Digital Textbook associated with the course. Purchasing a Digital Textbook from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division will provide you with access to the Electronic Library and HTML versions of the textbook(s), and, in some cases, other electronic media which is integrated into the course. On average, the price of the Digital Textbook to a student is less than the retail price of the textbook(s) for each course with the added benefits of no shipping charges, immediate access to the materials, and interactive features that accompany the Digital Bookshelf.  In addition, some of your required software will be available through The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division student voucher program at a discounted student price. 

Funding for college textbooks will be estimated in your financial plan along with tuition and fees. Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

For more information on Digital Textbooks, the student voucher program, or your financial plan, contact one of our Student Finance Counselors at 877-872-8869.

4. Work hard to achieve your goals.
Stay focused, participate in your courses, and do well on your coursework. At The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division, successfully completing courses is also important because it can help you to qualify for or maintain our Academic Achievement Grant (available to those who qualify) which may help reduce the cost of your education. When you need academic assistance, you can always contact your professor with questions or use our tutoring services. Your Academic Counselor will also be here to provide advice and support that can help you to stay on track to earning your degree.

As for working hard outside school, online classes can also give you the flexibility to continue working full-time while earning your degree. Even working part-time may help cover your day-to-day expenses while you’re attending college. 

Want to discuss your financial plan before going back to school? Request information today or contact us at 877.872.8869.

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By: The Art Institutes

November 22, 2017