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By: Emadene Travers, J.D. Ph.D. GAC | Faculty, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh—Online Division

November 22, 2017

EventBrite is a multi-dimensional online platform that allows event managers to advertise their events and sell tickets. At the same time, clients can search the platform to locate events to attend. The platform offers an amazing array of services all in one place. Services include advertising and promotion, sales and analytics, payment processing, managing attendees, and enabling entry to an event.

EventBrite -the company- was founded in 2006 by Julia and Kevin Hartz, two technology executives. Engineering expertise was provided by Renaud Visage. EventBrite is currently headquartered in San Francisco. According to Forbes Online, in 2010 EventBrite sold over 11 million tickets generating $207 million in gross sales. The business model includes a percentage fee on ticket value plus a flat fee per ticket sold. The company does not charge for free tickets.

As an event manager what can EventBrite do for you? On the platform events are organized according to category, event type, date, price, and location. Event types include parties, conventions, seminars, retreats, tournaments, and performances, to name a few. Categories include an equally wide ranging line-up—everything from Business to Food and Drink, Music, Sports and Fitness, Charities and Causes, and Holiday. 

The platform operates in hundreds of cities in the United States with ticket sales in over 180 countries. There is even an online RSVP feature. Not at the office? No worries. EventBrite offers a mobile app. Need entry to an event?  The EventBrite check-in app offers ticket scanning and seamless entry for your guests. Another feature is the unique connection EventBrite has to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Wherever you are and whatever event you are managing, EventBrite makes the process just about flawless. EventBrite recommends that you leave the paper invitations, clipboard, and email list at home. Welcome to the world’s largest self-service event technology platform!

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By: Emadene Travers, J.D. Ph.D. GAC | Faculty, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh—Online Division

November 22, 2017