Ankrom Moisan Architects - Ai Portland Partnership

By: Krasimir Karamfilov Filed under: Fashion

August 4, 2017

Ankrom Moisan Architects, Inc. (AMA) partnered with Apparel Design students at The Art Institute of Portland to create a series of experimental dresses in celebration of the grand opening of its new headquarters in Portland. Using a collection of buildings as inspiration, the students created runway-worthy looks inspired by work from the firm’s seven primary markets.

The projects included Mirabella Portland, which was a catalyst of development on the South Waterfront, and Moxy Tempe, the locale that introduced the youthful Marriott brand to the U.S. market. Students had one term to complete their projects. From site visits to fabrication research, the teams experimented with an array of materials to create innovative ensembles to reflect the heart and soul of each project.

Daimler NOVA

Daimler NOVA dress

The fashion designers were inspired by Daimler’s powerful and sleek vehicles. The masculine concept of the dress is meant to reflect how the building balances light against neutral materials and industrial colors.

Mirabella Portland

Mirabella dress

Taking cues from both the interior and exterior elements of the building, the resulting look is fit for royalty. Quality, durability, and natural materials are a nod to the impressive sustainable qualities of the project.

Moxy Temple

Moxy Temple dress

Reflecting the independence and exuberance of the brand, this flirty, avant-garde piece is up for some fun.

Verdant Community Wellness Center

Verdant dress

Using the faceted wooden ceilings and bright colors that appear throughout the project, this streamlined look is a refined take on a vibrant space.

Goat Blocks

Goat Blocks dress 

The ad hoc collection of buildings and uses inspired an eclectic look encompassing a mix of materials and texture. The flexible panel on the front is a metaphor for the transformative qualities of this mixed-use project.

Cornish Commons

Cornish Commons dress

The designers of this dress chose to focus on the fun, striking yellow of the building’s brand. Inspired by Cornish College of the Arts’ artistic disciplines, music and dance, the modern silhouette and silky fabric is a metaphor for dance and movement.

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By: Krasimir Karamfilov Filed under: Fashion

August 4, 2017