Adobe Max Creativity Conference Review

By: Katherine Humphreys | Faculty, Graphic & Digital Design, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh—Online Division

December 12, 2017

Are you really into Photoshop? Love InDesign? Do you consider yourself an After Effects expert? If working with and talking about Creative Cloud makes you happy, then this is the convention for you!

What is it? 


All images courtesy of J. Price 

Adobe Max is a yearly event held by Adobe Systems, the creators of your favorite Creative Cloud applications. Every year Adobe Max (MAX for short), shows off the latest updates to the suite, and introduces the audience to new and exciting upcoming features and applications. 

We spoke with Jennifer Price, Lead Faculty for The Art Institute of Pittsburgh—Online Division’s Graphic Design department. Jennifer was invited by Adobe to attend Adobe MAX this year as a Creative Leader.   


Hi, Jennifer! What is a Creative Leader? 

The Creative Leaders consisted of 150 leaders in their field, ranging from designers, educators, photographers, writers, animators, and videographers. I was asked to attend given my involvement with AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts), as well as my involvement with my local Minnesota design community.

What did the Creative Leaders do?

We were invited to the Adobe Design Achievement Awards Reception, which showed off the very best of what emerging creatives are up to around the globe. We got to meet the winners of this year’s Adobe Design Achievement Awards. We were also provided front seating together for all of the main stage events, including the MAX Sneaks. There were live workshops and lab sessions where you could create and learn while there as well. Additionally, the variety of presentations and content shared covered a wide spectrum of topics, spanning across creative industries.

We all want to know, what perks are included being a Creative Leader?

The ticket to MAX was comped, which was helpful in being able to attend. They provided us with a VIP reception to be able to meet other Creative Leaders as well as setup a private slack channel for us to share work and stay connected, before, during, and after the conference. I was able to meet 1:1 with many of the Creative Leaders and learn more about what they are working on. Also, they provided free breakfast, lunch and an Adobe hoodie sweatshirt, which is useful where I live!

What was the most fun event?

MAX Sneak Peeks was highly impressive and I will highlight a few during my presentation. During MAX Sneak Peeks, attendees get to preview innovations from Adobe that may or may not make it into the Creative Suite products.The community pavilion also showcased the latest and greatest software tools and usages, showing off products abilities from Google, Adobe, along with many other artists and designers, working live onsite. Check out this fun face mapping that Adobe Create produced.

Will you go again? 

Yes, I do plan to attend again. It’s a stellar, rewarding experience whether you are an educator, designer, photographer, animator, video professional — anyone within the creative industry can benefit.
Students would especially benefit in all there is to learn and are given a special conference rate. Here is the past year's rate.

Want to know more? 

Mark your calendar! Jennifer Price will share her experience as a Creative Leader at the largest creative conference, Adobe Max. Learn about highlights from the latest Adobe releases and industry trends:

2018 Adobe MAX Recap
Thursday, December 14, 1:00PM ET
Presenter: Jennifer Price, Lead Faculty, Graphic Design
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By: Katherine Humphreys | Faculty, Graphic & Digital Design, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh—Online Division

December 12, 2017