Art Gives Back Contest Winners!

By: Jen Greenwood

February 23, 2018

During the December holiday season, we announced our Art Gives Back contest which encouraged students to share with us how they use their creative talents to give back to their communities and the world. We received several entries for the contest and were impressed with all the things our students are doing to help make their communities better.

We are excited to announce our two winners!

Congratulations to Julie Clair, a student in our Associate of Science in Graphic Design program!


Julie has been volunteering for over 10 years. Along with her husband David, she started a program in her local community called Downriver Community Events. The program offers free community events to local residents. She recently hosted an art show featuring kids and adults from her community- the show was a big success with over 40 entries! Around Christmas time, she hosted a family Christmas party which offered free family photos. Julie took all of the photos for the grateful families. When she is not volunteering, you can find her spending time with her 6 year old daughter Jessica and participating in the PTA at Jessica’s school. She loves being able to use her talents to help others.

Here are a few pictures from Julie’s recent events:

Clair_Event_Photo_1 Clair_Event_Photo_2
*All above images provided by student, Julie Clair.

Congratulations to Megan Spence, a student in our Bachelor of Science in Digital Photography program!


Megan has been volunteering in her local community for over a year now. She volunteers because it allows her to give back to her community while developing her photography skills. While she enjoys volunteering for multiple local establishments, her favorite is the animal shelter. Being an animal lover, the thought of homeless animals breaks her heart. As a volunteer, she photographs the animals needing a home. The shelter then uses her images on social media and their webpage. In her 8 months as a volunteer, she has personally helped 53 dogs find forever homes.

Here is a picture of Oscar, a puppy photographed by Megan and adopted less than 24 hours later:

*All above images provided by student, Megan Spence.

Creative people can share gratitude in a variety of imaginative and inspiring ways. We want to thank Julie, Megan, and all the entrants who take the time to give back with their artistic talents!

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By: Jen Greenwood

February 23, 2018