By: Rachel Handel

July 28, 2015

The Art Institutes is providing students an opportunity to represent their area of study and be part of a live art competition we call, Uncontainable: The Ultimate Art Challenge.

The competition pits two teams of students (East vs. West) against each other to see which brings the bigger “A” game. (A for Art, of course.)

If selected, you and your team will visit Philadelphia or L.A. to meet local mentors (artists, chefs, and designers); appear in online webisodes; and network with an online celebrity—with millions of followers. In other words, it’s an exciting way to get your name out there.

For the ultimate challenge, both teams will be tasked with creating a collaborative art piece at a live, streaming event in Austin, TX.

Is your creativity uncontainable? Let’s find out.

To apply for consideration, please submit your completed application (written and video portions) to by AUGUST 5.

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