Faculty of the Year Award

By: Dr. Ben Yohe | General Education Coordinator

November 6, 2017

On Friday, October 27, 2017, James Sherman, History Professor at The Art Institute of Colorado, received the Faculty of the Year Award from the Colorado Association of Career Colleges and  Schools. Professor Sherman was selected from among ten state-wide finalists for this award.

James Sherman group picture

Professor Sherman is a dedicated and compassionate educator. His twenty-eight year career as a 
history educator is reflected in his true dedication to his students. His ability to make history fun for students to learn produces an engaging learning environment that often has his students remarking that they truly enjoyed the class that they thought they would dislike

Professor Sherman’s approach to teaching history helps impart the meaning and relevance of history to students as it
relates to their academic programs and their personal lives. Professor Sherman engages students in the subject matter by packaging and presenting it effectively. He often brings his personal historical artifacts for students to examine and, in the case of Roman armor, wear in class.

Professor Sherman’s community contributions for The Art Institute of Colorado have been extremely beneficial to both the student and school experience. One example of this was his willingness this year to lead our involvement in Denver Comic Con. Working with the Media Program Chair, Professor Sherman enthusiastically coordinated and planned Ai Colorado’s participation in Comic Con and ensured that the college’s goals for the convention were met. In addition, Professor Sherman prepared and presented his own panel on using comics for history, and how history is being used in comics, both correctly and incorrectly.

In addition to excellent classroom skills and active community involvement, Professor Sherman is a campus leader, as well. Recently, he was selected to Co-Chair, along with the Media Program Chair, the newly created Faculty Forum. The Forum is where faculty issues such as retention, assessment, faculty development, and academic standards are discussed.

Professor James Sherman is a faculty member dedicated to his students, and to promoting engaged, active, global citizenship. 

Congratulations, Professor Sherman!  

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By: Dr. Ben Yohe | General Education Coordinator

November 6, 2017