Culinary Students to be Involved in 4th Annual Burger Bash

By: Lacey Beckstead Filed under: Culinary

April 25, 2017

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Burgers from casual restaurants from across Metro Detroit are going to be on display at the Big Grill Burger Bash at the Royal Oak Farmers Market coming up on Friday, June 9th.

Participants are looking to please the taste buds of attendees who will name one burger ‘The People’s Choice’, as well as other “best of” categories.

The Social Connection of Detroit puts on ‘Burger Bash’. The Art Institute of Michigan has been involved with the event since 2015.

Kim Mellon from The Social Connection enjoys getting the school involved, “The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Michigan has been fabulous to work with. Adam and his team always serve wonderful food that usually finishes in the top 1 or 2 of every category. They bring at least 1,600 samples of whatever the theme is and people love it. I imagine it can’t be easy to cook that many samples of anything. 

They participated in Bacon Bash in April and they brought home the bacon by taking 1st place in the most unique bacon dish, pork belly taco’s.

In February, they participated in Mac N’ Brews, they brought a pepper jack and cheddar cheese mac n’ cheese and they finished in 2nd place.

We enjoy working with all of the professionals at Ai and we look forward to working with them in many of our upcoming events.”

Adam Gardner, Culinary Arts Clerk for The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Michigan and manager of this project says, “It’s cool for our students because they get to experience a really interesting community event. We usually give them managerial experiences.”

For instance, health inspector’s could check on their set-up at these events anytime. They go through a similar checklist to prepare for one of these inspections. He would give a student this managerial responsibility. 

Gardner continues, “Those are experiences they wouldn’t necessarily be able to get in the classroom. The students really enjoy that hands-on learning. It also gives them a better sense of camaraderie here at the school. They work as a team.” 

Which is definitely what you need in a kitchen.

“After these types of events, the students ask about the next one.”

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By: Lacey Beckstead Filed under: Culinary

April 25, 2017