Mundo Rudo Gallery Show

By: Tiffany Young

October 25, 2017

The "Mundo Rudo" Gallery Show opened its doors to the public and was greeted by a host of students, faculty, and staff to celebrate a new gallery show entitled "Mundo Rudo," which means “Tough World” in Spanish.

professor elvin hernandez standing in the gallery

“Mundo Rudo has a double meaning in that it not only presents the heroes in my story fighting a world of monsters and villains, but also harkens to the designation of Wrestlers (or "Luchadores") in Mexican Wrestling Culture,” said Elvin Hernandez, School of Media’s Associate Program Chair.  "Rudos" (Rude or Brutes) were the names given to the villains in wrestling, and they wrestled in a tough, graceless style, while "technicos" (Technicians) were the heroes, who maintained a grace in their movement based on technique and tradition. My story takes inspiration from Caribbean mythology and Mexican traditions and the name serves to keep that focus throughout the project."

elvin hernandez artwork in the gallery on campus

elvin hernandez talks about his gallery

Mr. Hernandez’s collection is of traditional media techniques on paper. His talent and imagination has created a host of heroes and villains with comedy.

"Mundo Rudo" will be on display until December 22 in the Gallery located on the Ground Floor. Gallery hours are Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm. Open to the public.

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By: Tiffany Young

October 25, 2017

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