Experience the 2018 Annual Student Fashion Show

By: The Art Institutes

June 6, 2018

For just the second time, The Art Institute of California—Hollywood The Art Institute of California—Inland Empire The Art Institute of California—Orange County , and The Art Institute of California—San Diego , all campuses of Argosy University, are joining forces to bring you a phenomenal student fashion show featuring final collections from graduating students and recent alumni.

This year’s show is titled "The Art of Movement: Going Places" and is being held on Saturday, June 9, 2018, from 5pm to 9pm, at The Art Institute of California—Orange County.

In addition to the fashion show, evening highlights will include a BBQ Fundraiser and Silent Auction to benefit The Dream Center Foundation. London Fashion Week co-founder Michael Rosen will speak at 5:30 pm, and Antonio Brown, CEO of LVL XIII, will speak to kick off the show. LVL XIII is a New York-based fashion house that specializes in creating forward-thinking men’s luxury street footwear and apparel. It was founded in 2013 by Antonio Brown and is represented by brand ambassador and entertainment icon Jason Derulo.

The event will also feature pop-up shops from local area artists and boutiques, a VIP Lounge, and entertainment. Special guests will include Project Runway finalist Candice Cuoco and American cartoonist, artist and fashion designer Paul Frank.

General admission tickets are $10 presale, $15 at the door, or complimentary with 1 bag donation of gently used professional clothing, per ticket. VIP tickets are also available. Visit for more information or to buy your tickets today!

Please see below for participating student designers and their bios.

The Art Institute of California – Hollywood:

The Art Institute of California - Hollywood Fashion Student

Reginald Colvin, Fashion Design (BS), 2018

I'm Reginald Colvin, and currently in my senior year studying fashion design. Coming from the midwest; my values lay in simplicity and detail. I take inspiration from the everyday working class, street wear, high fashion, added with imagination to create my idea of what a fashionable working-class person would wear in an altered world.

The Art Institute of California - Hollywood Fashion Student

Christian Deniz, Fashion Design (BS), 2018

My name is Christiano Deniz and I grew up in the San Joaquin Central Valley of California. I am the first generation Mexican-American son of a beautiful single mother, Olimpia Tortoledo. As a child, I often felt in between identities; my collection, Ouroboros, is a reflection of the bi-national and gender identity experience that has made me. Beginning with the tough hardware, this is a figurative expression about searching for protection. The plaid and pin-stripe prints persuade a savvy intelligent individual. Ouroboros, is not unisex, but both masculine and feminine and pushes for all the survival tools beyond gender expectation.

The Art Institute of California - Hollywood Fashion Student

Julie Garcia, Fashion Design (BS), 2018

Julie Garcia is a former Fashion student who's collection is for those who aren’t afraid of standing out. The looks she has crafted cater to the eccentric, the free spirited. What makes her collection special is the fact that everything is 100% VEGAN! She is a fair-trade enthusiast which is why all of the fabrics used are hand-crafted and made in Guatemala. Her parents are a big inspiration and are a constant reminder of their heritage. The current direction Julie is taking with her collection is fully dedicated to embracing her roots.

The Art Institute of California - Hollywood Fashion Student

Siomara Salvador, Fashion Design (BS) Graduate, March 2018

Siomara Salvador is a brand based in Los Angeles. The women’s fashion brand is inspired by the Dark Romanticism era with texture, contrast and bold styles that tell a story using modern trends and incorporating 19th century details giving powerful and sophisticated feminine vibes created by Siomara Garcia. Garcia was born in the 90s in León Guanajuato Mexico. She has always loved unique arts and finds beauty even in the darkest corners. #DareToDare collection is the very first launched by Garcia for Fall/Winter 2019. "Enchanting moments and magical work is what I live for… I blow my own mind when I bring my vision to life. I guess that is the beauty of being an artist. Getting my bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design has been another successful check mark on my dream list... I owe it all to my family and friends for supporting my crazy journey... thank you! LOS AMO."

Oscar Ulisses Perez, Fashion Design (BS), 2018

My name is Oscar Ulisses Perez. I was born in Mexico and came to the United States of America when I was eight years old. I have been living in The San Fernando Valley for twenty-one years now. I have been interested in art and design since I can remember. I have a passion for fabrics, how they drape, feel and how each one has to be worked in a different way. My fashion inspirations come mostly from fashion history and I think because I live in Los Angeles the red carpet and Hollywood films.

Goldine Saintil, Fashion Design (BS), 2018

Coming from a small town and growing up in a faith-based home, my inspiration has always been endless: anything from a picture, to feeling an emotion, or looking at an object can spark an idea. I am blessed to complete four plus years in college doing what I love, and I couldn’t do it without God, my true inspiration. I also want to thank my amazing family and friends for their continuing support as I follow my lifelong dreams. To my father- I miss you and cheers to what has been accomplished and what will be.

Reginald Snowden, Fashion Design (BS), 2018

My name is Reginald D. Snowden and I am 24 years old. I was born in Inglewood, California. I am a multidisciplinary Fashion Designer, Technical Illustrator, Pattern Maker, and Creative Director of Delineating Orange. Currently, I am a student at The Art Institute of California –Hollywood, a campus of Argosy University studying for my BFA in Fashion Design. While attending The Art Institute of California –Hollywood, I have achieved Best of Quarter for the following: Technical Drawing Fall 2016, Sourcing and Technical Design Spring 2017, Design Studio Menswear Fall 2017, and Senior Collection Concept Winter 2018.  This year I will be debuting my first collection titled Voyage (H20) F/W 2019 at a fashion show hosted by The Art Institute of California – Hollywood, College of Creative Arts and Design at Argosy University. Voyage (H20) is a collection based on a journey to find ways to clean up the ocean and the environment. The goal of this collection is to bring environmental awareness and to exercise sustainable methods to help the world through fashion. As an environmental enthusiast my objective is to “Design for the Greater Good” and create products that push humanity forward and create a waste-free world.

Vanessa Vega, Fashion Design (BS), 2018

Vanessa Vega is a fashion designer, born and raised in Downtown Los Angeles. She is currently working on designing leather handbags for her family’s leather business. Her influences come from the art world. She believes that art is timeless and design many times is not. Tying the two together creates more longevity and brings more value to what she creates as a designer. This collection was inspired by the femininity in nature during the springtime. The vivid colors on fluttering butterfly wings and soft flower petals are what came to mind when designing Mystic Meadows.

The Art Institute of California - Inland Empire:

The Art Institute of California - Inland Empire

Christopher Lopez, Fashion Design (BS), 2018

From artistic boy wonder growing up, to National champion. Christopher Lopez knew he wanted to be a creative great at an early age. He always likes to tell a story through his work, whether its art or a garment. He loves working with themes and concepts and being able to execute that story through the visual language of art and design. Lopez aspires to become a costume designer for the television, film, and entertainment industry, specifically the World Wrestling Entertainment[DC1] . Lopez has achieved some historical accomplishments, by becoming the Ai California — Inland Empire’s first AAF National Award-Winner, had various press releases, and has had his work showcased in several exhibits, including at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Lopez’s work has also caught the eye and attention of various celebrities and popular television programs, all acknowledging and sharing his work. His senior collection showcasing tonight entitled “Roar”, is inspired by a clash of the glitz and glamour of the roaring 1920s, art deco, and the punk rock subculture and lifestyle. His collection is all about the roar of the music, movement, and attitude for the fearless empowered and rebellious woman.

The Art Institute of California - Inland Empire

Cennecka McGoldrick, Fashion Design (BS), 2018

Quirky, creative and adventurous are just a few words to describe Cennecka McGoldrick. Her love for nature, art, books, music and architecture have become the foundation of her inspiration. As a little girl, Cennecka would play fashion designer with her Barbie's clothes by re-designing them with a pair of scissors. In the years that followed, she used clothing as a way to express herself and her interest in fashion quickly grew into a passion. She strives towards making garments that will leave a lasting impression with people. Her dreams and aspirations are to become a couture designer with an Avant Garde style that would be worthy for museums. Currently, Cennecka is working towards developing her brands aesthetic and innovative fashion designs to go along with it.

The Art Institute of California - Inland Empire

Kimberly Otamendi, Fashion Design (BS), 2018

My name it's Kimberly Arlene Otamendi Corona and I am a student at The Art Institute of California — Inland Empire. My degree program is fashion design I started designing my clothes at the age of 10 and I have design my own looks since then, My collection is inspired by Victoria's Secret I really look up to his designs and looking at his collections go down the runway. Having the chance to inspire young women to be confident in themselves in any way they look and to love their own body the way it is that's why my collection is based on unforgettable looks that no matter what you'll feel confident and in them.

The Art Institute of California - Inland Empire

Dalisay Pennala, Fashion Design (BS), 2018

Dalisay Pennala was born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico in June 14th 1991. At the age of 12 years old she was able to move to the United States, learn a new language and obtain more opportunities. Regardless of language barriers, she was able to attend school and learn new things. Dalisay was able to discover at her early teenage life her passion for fashion she would then look for vintage prints and clothes and create something new she could wear to school. Some of her favorite pieces would come from her Grandmother Peggy tops. By the age of 18 years old, she had determination to seek after her goal and dreams and join the US Navy in order to pursue her biggest dream. With constant sacrifice and challenges, she was able to serve 4 years active duty and be honorable discharge. While in the service, she met current husband Sean Pennala and together have four children and both attending to College. Dalisay enrolled in The Art Institute of California - Inland Empire in San Bernardino, CA.

During her second year attending college for her Bachelor of (insert degree) in Fashion Design she joined a clothing company called LuLaRoe were she was able to sell clothes as a Retailer. Later on, after two years and several attempts she obtained an internship with the Companies’ Production and Design Team. In school, she was recognized for being Best of the Quarter, making Honor’s Roll as well as Dean’s List. Dalisay was invited to join the Alpha Beta Gamma Honor’s Society obtaining a perfect 4.0 GPA, which later on let her to be selected as the Vice President of ABG. [DC2] Dalisay Pennala’s ultimate dream is to work with a high-end Fashion Brand as a designer and be part of creating one of kind pieces on the runway. Dalisay was hired to work full-time at LuLaRoe creating new styles for mainline and supply.

Dalisay was hired to work full-time at LuLaRoe creating new styles for mainline and supply.

The Art Institute of California - Inland Empire

Noemi Zamora, Fashion Design (BS), 2018

The Mexican- American born designer was introduced to art and creativity at a very young age.  Coming from a family whose heritage is rooted heavily in hand crafted indigenous treasures, Noemi discovered that her culture was key to the development of her aspirations of becoming a Fashion Designer.

Her graduate collection called “Clashing Catholic”, was influenced by the Zoot Zuiters’ during the 1940s and the Latino, Roman- Catholic church.  The collection consists of key element combinations of stained glass windows, Zoot Suits (Pachuco), and holly saints.

Noemi aspires to become a Costume Designer for films and Television shows. Her creativity is ignited when bringing characters to life through elaborate garments that, are ready to express a narrative without words.

The Art Institute of California – Orange County:

The Art Institute of California - Orange County Fashion Student

Alan Tuong Tran, Fashion Design (BS), 2018

My name is Alan Tuong Tran and I am a fashion designer. I have been lucky enough to grow up in a very creative family. My father was a fashion designer whose love and passion for fashion influenced me during my childhood. I decided to pursue a degree in fashion design. While I’ve been in school, I have had the great opportunity to work in the family garment shop. This experience has helped me to develop my own style as a designer in a more dynamic and versatile way. Passion and ambition describe my personality, and success is my goal.

The Art Institute of California - Orange County Fashion Student

Andrea Solorzano, Fashion Design (BS), 2018

I have always had my own sense of style. I have been making my own clothes since I was young, and I’ve always been drawn to fun and textural fabrics. My designs are inspired by the interesting textiles I find. I am also drawn to the 1980’s glam rock era.  I love the whole vibe of that era. I am inspired by the rock star look, and the feminine but tough attitude it conveys. I’ve always made what I like, regardless of what others think. It is a part of me; I love it and I believe in it. One gets a good sense of who I am through my designs, and my collection is a good representation of me.

The Art Institute of California - Orange County Fashion Student

Emily Santiago, Fashion Design (BS), 2018

I believe fashion is a great way of showing creativity through personal style. Growing up in Southern California has been the greatest influence on my style and designs. I love the carefree beach lifestyle. I design simple things that you can just throw on and go. I consider myself to be a ready-to-wear designer with a bohemian aesthetic. I believe fashion is always changing, and I want to show I’m not afraid of change. I like to design for and keep up with the trends. I want to be able to share with the world what hot, new ideas are in, and have them make them their own.

[Student Not Pictured]

Serena Wentzel, Fashion Design (BS), 2018

I believe fashion is a form of self-expression. As a designer, I strive to make beautiful modern clothing that is both minimal and effortless. I’m always finding beauty in simplicity. Traveling to and from Europe, I saw the natural beauty of the world. Looking out of the airplane window, seeing the colors of the land, and seeing the details of the natural world that create such beauty. From traveling, I took inspiration from European designers and the softness they see in nature. There is a lightness I strive for in my designs that I hope resembles the elegance of such women and nature. 

The Art Institute of California - San Diego:

The Art Institute of California - San Diego Fashion Student

Kyle Beels, Fashion Design (BS), 2018

Kyle Beels is the son of Gene and Bo Beels. He is originally from Chowchilla, CA and moved to San Diego to pursue a degree in Fashion Design. While attending school Kyle was able to intern for the ROXY Footwear team in Huntington Beach where he was able to work with industry professionals. At the end of the Spring 2018 Quarter Kyle graduated with Highest Honors, and is now interning at Pacsun in Anaheim. Kyle’s inspiration for designing his collection was his parents who enjoy helping others reach their fullest potential. Without the support of his friends and family Kyle would not be where his now.

Michelle S. Roman, Fashion Design (BS), 2018

Born on August 21st 1996, San Diego, CA; raised in Mexico. I’m a Hispanic girl with Mexican parents, living next to the border made me who I am now. I have a multicultural vision of the world and fashion; and I love to travel and see the world as it is and no as the people tells.

As a designer I’m very versatile, my aesthetic is sexy, elegant and minimalistic. “Simple is friends with elegance”. My last collection is a mix of multicultural, elegance and seduction.

[Student Not Pictured]

Jennifer Grothaus, Fashion Design (BS), 2018

My name is Jennifer Grothaus but my design name is Hiei No Uchi (House of Hiei), a Japanese play on my last name and my artist name. Asian culture has always been a passion and major inspiration for a lot of my work. My passion for Harajuku fashion mixed with my taste for vintage silhouettes is how I came to create the unique design aesthetic I have today. I have known since a young age that design was what I was meant to do, creating for a living is a dream come true for me. I create clothing for women who are confident, sassy, and love being unapologetically unique.

The Art Institute of California - San Diego Fashion Student

John De Guzman, Fashion Design (BS), 2018

John De Guzman is a motivational fashion designer and a strong advocate for our environment. Born in the Philippines and raised in San Diego, John's sense of awareness towards global issues and sustainability is rooted deeply towards his birth place. His passion for our earth translates through his body of work and designs after learning the fashion industry being the second most polluting on this planet while fossil fuel rank as being number one.

The simplicity of his style carries a provocative expression that goes against the public's views of sophistication, adding a unique juxtaposition. Inspired from architectural features, and geometric shapes, his design's present a luxurious futuristic aesthetic for a particular keen eye.

He is currently interning for a high-end brand, Adolfo Sanchez. Learning couture sewing techniques and embellishment finishes, he continues to expand his knowledge with application techniques learned from Sanchez’s studio in order to apply in his own designs as he continues to incorporate sustainable techniques.

The Art Institute of California - San Diego Fashion Student

Laura White, Fashion Design (BS), 2018

Laura White is a San Diego Native and recent graduate. In her younger years, she was introduced her to various art forms including but not limited to quilting, baking, clay sculpting, lost wax casting, painting, and beading. While she enjoys working with these mediums, she fell in love with the crafting of clothing and working with textiles. Much of her work is heavily influenced by quilting, and the piecing together of fabric to create desired shapes and styles. Today, she works for herself designing and creating, and on commissioned pieces.

The Art Institute of California - San Diego Fashion Student

Christina Garcia, Fashion Design (BS), 2018

Born and raised in a low socio-economic border town Calexico, California, Christina acquired her sense of her fashion world at an early age. Christina’s childhood was filled with being an inspiring cosmetologist with her Barbies and Cabbage Patch Dolls from making her room into a photoshoot or a runway. At her adolescents Christina’s eagerness to put her childhood dream into a reality, for her senior prom she created her own formal dress along with acting as a make-up artist to her friends. Christina attended Wayne’s Beauty College in Salinas, California. Christina earned her license as a Cosmetologist at the age of 20 years old and gained experience of the application of beauty treatment with emphasis on haircut trends and chemically treating hair. During her years as a Cosmetologist she had her two daughters Nienah and Sasha. Christina dedicated her time to her family as years went by she ventured to a different career path in the medical field. For the past 17 years she has been working full time as a Certified Hemodialysis Technician. Christina struggled with the decision of returning to her life time passion the fashion world. In 2013 Christina took a leap of faith in returning to school and attempt to complete her overall life goal as a Fashion Designer. Today Christina has completed four long years in attempts to complete her Bachelors in Fine Arts and is pursuit of making her life career a reality.

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