Fashion Week Q&A with David Marquise Seward

By: Rachel Handel Filed under: Fashion

January 28, 2016

David Marquise Seward credits fashion with providing a sense of symmetry and tidiness in his life. “Fashion design formulated the precise and pleasant person I am today. I find beauty in architecture and awkwardness.” He adds that design concepts come to him during everyday events like brushing his teeth, cooking a meal, or taking out the garbage.

“I push hard to love and care for those [around] me. I also exhibit my own style and grace while doing so. I love to express the person I am today” David’s positivity is evident when he talks about the opportunities available to him. “I find great satisfaction in loving the world we live in; our world has so much to offer.”

In 2015, David earned an Associate of Science in Fashion Design from The Art Institute of Philadelphia. During his time in school, he was awarded for “Outstanding Achievement In Fashion Design” and also won “Best of Show” at the school’s annual fashion show.

What did you learn about yourself as you designed your collection?

I have the competence to generate anything I fancy, I have the capacity to gather the attention of people who trust in my profession. My image, my sewing, and my dedication all work together.

What was the creative process you used to brainstorm ideas?

I prefer hot/warm climates to cold/freezing. [Because of that], I chose a cold climate to draw inspiration from—a climate that I wouldn’t be triumphant living in. It was like going against my preferences, sacrificing.

I did not choose a precise path when creating my inspiration board or choosing fabrics. I typically allow my creative processes to unfold as I develop [them], little by little.

How did your Fashion Design education help you to prepare the collection?

The Art Institute of Philadelphia prepared [me] for my fashion and sewing experiences. My Collection Development class infused my spirit with tons of inspiration. I took chances and they paid off in gigantic ways.

I saw myself marrying a man [I’d met at the school]. We loved each other, we inspired one another. That loving relationship is part of why I persevere through fashion design.

What’s a typical day like as you get ready for the runway?

I create a checklist and conquer each bullet on the list. I am only having challenges with acquiring the [amount of sleep I need]. I will sleep once my designs are [complete].

What would you tell current fashion students?

I say follow your heart. When you are making decisions, invariably embrace love. Always!

Which designers, blogs, or publications inspire you?

[I look to] Victoria’s Secret fashion shows—I enjoy how undeviating Victoria’s Secret is. I [also] float through a Vogue Magazine once a month.

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