Fill Your Closet with These 5 Winter Fashion Trends

By: Georgia Schumacher Filed under: Fashion

November 28, 2018

Holiday Fashion Trends 2018

The fall has come and gone, and winter weather and warmer clothes are upon us. And a change in weather means a change in fashion ! While many aspects of fall fashion trends —animal print, high shine, oversized coats, and the electric 80s—are still on the shelves, they’re being made with thicker materials and more layers to keep you cozy. Beyond those fun foundations, here are a few more trends you don’t want to miss adding to your winter wardrobe this year.

1. Over-the-Top Holiday Dresses

Sequins. Satin. Sparkle. Silk. Get ready to see it all at your holiday parties and all over your Instagram feed. If you want to be on-trend this holiday, your party dresses should be short and loud. Grab something elaborate off the shelf and then hit up the accessories department to see what else you can add to get even more attention. A sparkly hair accessory, bold shoes, elbow-length gloves, or maybe a huge handbag will do the trick.

2. Beautiful Browns

While monochromatic dressing has more often been black or white, this year we’ve seen another color on repeat on the runway. From khaki to beige to dark chocolate, every shade of brown is in. When it comes to this hue, you’re no longer limited to camel coats or trenches. Go all out, head to toe with dresses, jumpsuits, jackets, shoes, and creative top and bottom pairings.

3. Statement Scarves

Love scarves? This is the year for you, as scarves have gone beyond being a simple accessory. While a stylish printed neck or headscarf is still perfect for bundling up in the cold, you can also expect to see dresses and tops made of silky materials, sewn together squares, and beautiful prints that look a whole lot like repurposed scarves.

4. Slouchy Boots

Remember this style from its heyday in the 1980s or its resurgence in the 2000s? It’s back again, drawing attention away from the straighter, more structured styles. It’s available in stores in every print (including snakeskin of course), height (ankle to knee high and up), color, and fabric you could want. It’s great with printed dressed or for wearing over tights, leggings, and pants.

Holiday Fashion Trends 2018

5. Plaid Prints

A long-time cold weather staple, plaid might not sound like the most groundbreaking trend, but many brands are putting their own spin on this classic. From punky to preppy, the bar to the office, plaid is incredibly versatile. This winter, look for interesting shades of plaid like pink, yellow, and orange and for fun details that add extra interest to your attire. For a runway ready look, layer plaid pieces with different patterns or fabrics.

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By: Georgia Schumacher Filed under: Fashion

November 28, 2018