How to Refocus on Your Goals & Passion in the New Year

By: Georgia Schumacher

January 4, 2019

How to Refocus on Your Goals & Passion in the New Year

Is there a goal that’s been on your mind for years? It’s time to take action. Make this year the year you go all in and make real progress toward living the life you want.

1. Define Why

If there’s something you want to do, make sure you clearly understand why. How will achieving this goal make you feel? Will you be more confident? Will it fulfill you and fuel you to work harder? Will it simply make you happier? Dig deep to find the real reason that’s driving you and focus on that.

2. Make a Plan

Saying you want to reconnect with or pursue your love of photography or the culinary arts is a start, but then you have to get more specific. Create a clear plan of action for what to do and when. Do you want to enroll in a graphic design program ? Break that goal into individual tasks and milestones, like researching programs , talking to admissions , and applying for financial aid. To help you keep moving, set a deadline for each task and track your progress in writing.

3. Follow up

Block off a weekly time to review your plan and progress. If you’re not making progress, find out what’s holding you back and find a way around it. To further keep your goals top of mind, create a vision board or visual reminder of your goal somewhere that you’ll see regularly, like by your bed or computer. Go as simple or extravagant as you like, as long as you find it inspiring.

4. Involve Your Community

Tell your family and friends what you want do and why it matters to you. Describe the outcome you hope to achieve and what you’re doing to make that a reality. Ask them to support and encourage you in any way they can, so that you’ll have someone to hold you accountable to your goals.

5. Celebrate Your Success

Recognize and congratulate yourself when you make progress. Celebrate small wins. Every task you complete that’s part of your plan gets you one step closer to achieving your vision.

6. Get Help

If you start feeling overwhelmed, ask for help. Reach out to people who inspire you or who are already working in your dream career to see if anyone is willing to offer advice or be your mentor. If you’re in school, ask your instructors, librarian, or career services for support. There’s no need to go at this alone.

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By: Georgia Schumacher

January 4, 2019