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By: Katherine Humphreys | Faculty, Graphic & Digital Design, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh—Online Division

March 14, 2018

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Have you ever said, “That would make a great app!” Ever wonder who really makes those? We talked to someone who does—Jody Haneke, Chief Executive Officer of Haneke Design—to find out.

Jody Haneke started his career as a graphic designer and now runs a multimedia company based in Tampa, Florida. Haneke Design has worked with various clients such as BayCare, Tribridge, One World Observatory, Ideal Image, USAA, and FrankCrum. They create mobile apps, responsive websites, web applications, print and graphic design, brand identity, motion graphics and video. If it’s digital, they do it!

Hi Jody! Thanks for talking to us today. I’m impressed that you own your own company! What is your official title?
President + CEO

What do you do every day?
At this point, my focus is really on business development, including networking with other business leaders and discussing how digital trends can have a positive impact on bottom lines.

What are the different roles at your company?
The major functional areas of our company include user experience design, software development and project management.

What kind of projects do you work on?
We have found a sweet spot in helping companies who require certain specialized skill-sets and technologies, most specifically, with creating native mobile applications. These range from business applications for the NYSE to entertainment applications for Paramount Pictures and the One World Observatory in NYC.

Jody Haneke speaking

Where did you go to school?
I majored in Graphic Design at the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida.

How did your education prepare you to run your own business?
The best courses in school to prepare for owning your own business were the classes that were applied. By applied I mean we were tasked with real-world projects with budgets and timelines. Honestly, I think designers have a leg up in this department, because education in the arts is very portfolio based and so is the real world.

If a student wanted to be in your shoes some day, what would you suggest they learn?
Quality work is a prerequisite of being a successful business owner. Longevity comes from building true business partnerships with your clients, where you help them align their business goals with solid design strategies. It is imperative that you can absorb a client's business model, processes and goals then provide value—not in just the execution, but also the strategy involved in their design initiatives.

What's been your most favorite project ever?
Would have to be the One World Explorer deployed at the One World Trade Center in NYC. It added tremendous value to the One World Observatory experience by providing information about the view from the top, including over 100 short educational videos about major landmarks surrounding the building.

Thanks, Jody!

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By: Katherine Humphreys | Faculty, Graphic & Digital Design, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh—Online Division

March 14, 2018

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