Invited by Arkitip Magazine to Participate in LA Exhibition “High Math”

By: Rachel Handel Filed under: Gaming & Technology

March 26, 2015

Looking At Artwork Design Industry

David Daniel Kent believes that strong design begins with a process of discovery. And in March 2014, “Arkitip Magazine” gave him the opportunity to be “discovered” by West Coast art lovers at its Slow Culture Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. David’s work was featured in the exhibition “High Math,” showcasing the work of 20 artists from across the country. It was a career-defining experience that brought him into the national art spotlight.

 “I enjoy making things whether it be a zine, illustration, painting, or client work. There is always an appreciation of where I am and what I am doing,” he says. As a senior graphic designer, David collaborates with a team of copywriters, designers, and creative directors to create brands from conception to completion. David also mentors younger designers at the firm.

David says that his education provided the direction he needed to turn his artistic ability into a long-term, financially viable career. He recommends that current students work on personal projects to gain experience. And he suggests that having a good reputation—online and off line—is key. “Everyone knows everyone today and everything is online and the world can see it. You have to think before you post and curate your image.”

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