Janeth Cruz Transforms Entire Home in 6 Month’s Time

By: Rachel Handel Filed under: Interior Design

March 1, 2016

“I believe that my job [mixes] art and psychology. Interior Designers need to understand how people want to live and feel in their spaces.” – Janeth Cruz, 2015, Bachelor of Science, Interior Design, The Art Institute of California—San Diego, a campus of Argosy University.

Janeth Cruz is dedicated to creating interior spaces that work for clients. As an interior designer for Tangram Interiors in Los Angeles, California, she designs corporate spaces and provides interior solutions for clients. Along the way, she’s responsible for problem solving, attending meetings, field measures, product and materials selection, budget and accounting analysis, and rendering.

One of the most difficult projects she’s worked on was a six-month renovation of a home in Mexico. “The residence was built 15 years ago with a traditional looking design, heavy finishes, and moldings. The client was not satisfied with traditional design—he wanted to have a modern, contemporary home,” she says. Janeth and her coworkers were given six months to transform the 4 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom house. They also had to update the patio area with a new pool and bar area.

“The idea of challenging us into a short window of time to finish the project, and to complete a drastic renovation [motivated my team],” she says.

The time frame meant that Janeth worked long hours, including weekends. “We did not feel bad about putting our personal time into this project because we are passionate about what we do. Our client was exceptional and the trust he gave us was a huge push to do our best.”

Janeth explains that in the third month of the project, meeting goals became very difficult. Materials weren’t arriving on time and it was slowing down the renovation. But just a few weeks later, things started falling into place. Strong teamwork pulled the project together and with the holidays approaching, Janeth and her team decided to surprise their client’s family by decorating the home for Christmas.

“We received the family on Christmas Day to show them their new home. It was nice to see their happy faces and [amazement at the completed renovation]. They congratulated us on the results.” That client was so pleased with Janeth’s work that he recommended her team to other potential clients.

“I’m very passionate about my job, My clients are important to me, I listen to their [project] needs and make them happen.”

Janeth adds that being a creative professional makes work fun. “It's not just about making spaces pretty, there is much more science [to it]. It's making those spaces functional, livable, and comfortable. People need to feel that they belong to that space, that is their zen.”

She describes decorating spaces as a form of artwork. “Selecting art pieces, fabrics, flooring, and finishes is the best part of being an interior design professional. I believe that my job [mixes] art and psychology. Interior designers need to understand how people want to live and feel in their spaces."

Janeth earned a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from The Art Institute of California—San Diego in 2015. She says that her education provided the guidance and practical training needed for a career in interior design. “All projects given in [my] design courses pushed me to give deep thought into design solutions, space planning, and budget solutions.”

Janeth is already looking forward to her next challenge—more education. “The next step is to pursue a master’s degree with a higher level of complexity. Challenge accepted.”


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By: Rachel Handel Filed under: Interior Design

March 1, 2016

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