Less Than Two Years After Graduation, Won National Addy Award

By: Amanda Ray Filed under: Gaming & Technology

April 24, 2015

Logan Byers Audio Sound Design

Logan Byers’ film work ranges from sci-fi to drama and current world issues. Less than two years after his graduation, Logan has made a name for himself in the Los Angeles audio industry, winning a National Addy Award for Best Sound Design and an Audio G.A.N.G. Award for Best Game Sound Design. 

Freelancing allows Logan to move from project to project, working as a dialogue editor, sound designer, foley editor, mixing engineer, or composer.  His major projects include sound effects for the commercial music video of EA Games’ “Army of Two Devil’s Cartel” commercial and sound design for the film “Einstein God Model.” He’s also worked on the feature film “The Control Group,” and short films “Free Refill,” “Tip Toes,” and “Tahrir Square.”

Logan believes that technology is presenting new challenges to audio designers—and not always good ones. “Technology is making it easier for people to make poor quality products.” He believes that this trend will turn on itself, leading people back to tried-and-true products and reliance upon the professionals.  

While he’s seen success as a freelancer, he admits that he’s had to work for it. He believes that the time management skills he gained in school help him to balance and manage his freelance work.  Logan urges those starting in the field to look for work before graduation—advice he gained from experience.  “I’m glad that I got a job right after school. It was also nice to have three job offers before I was finished.”

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Logan Byers
2013, Bachelor of Science, Audio Production, The Art Institute of California—Inland Empire, a campus of Argosy University
Freelancer, This is Sound Design

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