My GM: A Collaboration Between Industrial Design Technology and Media Arts & Animation

By: The Art Institutes

October 15, 2009

Inspired by the fact that the U.S. government is now a majority shareholder in General Motors, Industrial Design Technology students in Associate Professor Kreg Jones' Transportation Design (IT20831) class collaborated with Media Arts & Animation students in Assistant Professor Brian Yetzer's Hard Surface & Organic Modeling (AD20641) and Principles of 3-D Animation (AD20521) classes to create designs for smaller, lighter and greener transportation vehicles.

"As shareholders of this classic American corporation, we're introducing our proposal for an exciting new line for My GM," say the students in their artistic statement.

The resulting design boards and animations are now on view in The Art Institute of Philadelphia's large display window at 1610 Chestnut Street.

Pictured: Industrial Design Technology student Avi Ashurov's design for a full-size sedan

View the 3-D Animation incorporating the vehicle designs

View a Slideshow of the Industrial Design Technology Boards and Photos of Students in the Classes

For the project, the Industrial Design Technology students developed plans for vehicles with features like fully electric operation, fuel cells, cylinder deactivation, hydraulic hybrid drive and bio-diesel technology.

These design drawings were then transformed into realistic 3-D models and placed into a realistic environment by the Media Arts and Animation students.

Transportation Design (IT20831) taught by Associate Professor Kreg Jones
Students: Aviator Ashurov, Jonathan Guayacundo, Ryan Linso, Jameson Lipe, Kirk Martin, Gebre Mesquitta, Emmanuel Okereke, Charles Stackhouse, Xing Zhuang

Hard Surface & Organic Modeling (AD20641) taught by Assistant Professor Brian Yetzer
Students: Louis Albano, Dean Brooks, Kieran Giannelli, Nicholas Juliano, Terry Krueger, Jonathan Lalu, Michael Luna, Jan Medina, Colton Miller, James Neal, Kyle Prettyman, Tiffany Reid, Michael Russo, Zachary Stodart, Michael Wert

Principles of 3-D Animation (AD20521) taught by Assistant Professor Brian Yetzer
Students: Vincenzo Baratta, Eric Bonczkiewicz, Kyle Boyd, Nina Coffaro, Justin Johnson, Nicholas Juliano, Denise Junice, Michael Larned, Maggie Merkle, Kyle Prettyman, Mitchell Rozetar, Michael Russo, Kamilah Williams, Tyrone Zachary

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By: The Art Institutes

October 15, 2009