Interior Design Coalition of Indiana Hosts Panel on ‘PULSE’ of the Industry

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April 25, 2017

PULSE Panelists
Panelists (Left to Right):
Alicia McKoy, Connie Jung, Patrick Schmidt, Jill Mendoza, Sarah Savage (speaking)

PULSE Students
Interior Design students and new members of Interior Design Coalition of Indiana (Left to right):
Brianna Humbles, Savannah Burdine, Jorge Huizar 

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What is the “Pulse” of interior design in Indiana? Well, that is what the Interior Design Coalition of Indiana (IDCI) wanted to find out. The organization has held panel discussions on that topic for the last two years. 

In addition to The Art Institute of Indianapolis hosting the event, Sarah Layton, IDCI member and Interior Design Faculty member helped coordinate the panel discussion.

Layton enhances her learning, and her teaching from this experience.

“Being a part of IDCI has helped me become more educated on the legislative side of the interior design community, which in turn I am able to educate my students on the issues surrounding interior design, so they are better equipped when they go out into the design community.”

There are about 100 IDCI members in the state. The event was paid for by sponsors in the design community. This year IDCI teamed up with the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and the International Interior Design Association (IIDA).

There were about 85 interior design professionals in attendance.  Last year’s panel topic surrounded the international and national outlook on interior design. This year they decided to go local. Questions were related to the past, current state and future of interior design in Indianapolis and the state of Indiana.

The discussion was also opened up to the audience, and they were asked a lot of questions about overcoming challenges in the field. As the panelist discussed the current pulse of interior design, they realized that they as professionals, are starting to pave the way for the next generation of students.  There were also a good number of Interior Design students from The Art Institute of Indianapolis in attendance as well.  

Interior Design (BS) student, Jorge Huizar was pleasantly surprised at the information at the event, “There is so much more that I need to learn about the interior design field. It motivated me even more to keep pursuing this career. As students, I think that the more we learn about interior design the more we can educate our clients in what really goes on in the interior design field.”

Brianna Humbles, another  Interior Design (BS) student, agrees, “I personally thought the event was amazing. There were topics that we all went over that I had no clue about and it helped me get a better understanding of the techy legal design perspective such as the Title Act and stamping. I also enjoyed seeing that every designer present at the meeting had different jobs and careers and it showed me that design can go so many different ways, and that networking is definitely key!”

The Art Institute of Indianapolis will continue to help support this organization as it provides great insight into the interior design field. Below are the panelist bios from the event:

Alicia McKoy has spent the past 12 years as owner and lead designer at AE Design, LLC.  She has over 16 years of project management experience in over 18 states. Recognizing that the next generation is the future, she has shared her knowledge and industry findings with many interns and design classes.  Alicia recognizes the need for advancement in our industry and has volunteered her time over the past 3 years to the IDCI Board of Directors and The Art Institute of Indianapolis’s Program Advisory Committee.

Patrick Schmidt is the design director for J. Baker Interiors located in Carmel.  He is a past president of the Indiana Chapter ASID and IDCI.  He has also been active with ASID on a national level, serving twice on the Society Board of Directors and is currently chair of the ASID Foundation. Patrick has been active with legislative initiatives for over 20 years when a small group of concerned ASID members met to begin the learning process of interior design Title Acts.  He holds Indiana Registry # 00010.

Jill Mendoza is founder and president of IDO Incorporated. Under Jill’s leadership, the firm has carved out strong niches in several market segments.  After serving on several committees and as President of the Coalition twice through out the years, Jill has turned her focus to mentoring the next generation of Interior Designer professionals and leaders. She remains committed to IDCI and believes Indiana’s Interior Design registry is model legislation that will continue to influence all design professionals in our State and Nation.

Sarah Savage works at MSKTD & Associates, specializing in healthcare design.  She attended Michigan State University and has previously taught design classes at Ivy Tech Community College.  Sarah passionately serves on man design and community focused boards such as IDCI, IIDA, ZeroLandfill, Southeast Neighborhood Development Corporation, Fletcher Place Neighborhood Association, and Amici del Parco (Friends of Lacy Park). She is also an avid volunteer with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and Global Gifts. 

Connie Jung is the founding principal of Jung Design, a commercial interior design firm started in 2003. They have steadily grown year after year but enjoy the fact that they continue to remain a small firm with big clients. Connie played a large roll in heading up the Interior Design Coalition of Indiana, and was the first Registered Interior Designer in the State! 

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By: Lacey Beckstead Filed under: Interior Design

April 25, 2017