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By: CJ Lynch

August 2, 2017

Thousand Strong Initiative Powered by We Leverage & 4 Your Epiphany 

June and early July was an exciting and monumental step for Sacramento’s youth, as they geared up to enter the workforce. One thousand students were selected to be part of the Thousand Strong program, an initiative from Mayor Darrell Steinberg. The young people were tasked to work with community based organizations, who were responsible to coach them on 21st century skills, and to provide each participant with the mentorship needed to ensure they were successful in the workplace. We Leverage—a Civic Education nonprofit in the greater Sacramento area—and 4 Your Epiphany—a Personal Development nonprofit established in 2014—took on the responsibility of preparing 25 young people from Hiram Johnson H.S, John F. Kennedy H.S, Sacramento H.S., and Luther Burbank H.S.

This cohort of students demonstrated growth in professional development, networking, and overall personal growth. They excelled expectations so much so that they created their own working business where the students were fellow supervisors teaching other students, establishing shifts, and teaching curriculums.

Their model aligns different organization’s strengths to be used to develop a person for the workforce. They partnered with art organizations, leadership development coaches, and other community based organizations to provide the students with life and soft skills training such as:

• Resume Writing

• Networking

• Professional Development

• Leadership Skills

• Reading and Comprehension

• Much more!

All 25-young people developed and expanded on their 21st century skills needed to enter the workforce. In honor of their hard work and commitment, a celebration dinner was put on in July at our collaborating partner’s institute, The Art Institute of California—Sacramento. Each scholar was recognized by receiving an award for completion, in addition to one more for either attendance, employee of the week, or growth.

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By: CJ Lynch

August 2, 2017

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