San Diego’s Stephanie Segura Takes 3rd Place in 34th Annual San Diego Cake Show

By: Lauren Loeffler

March 30, 2017

Stephanie’s Deadpool-themed cake had to fulfill the qualifications of being made mostly of cake with limited structural help.

“Deadpool is the anti-hero, who has a dark sense of humor, and he is funny. My work was a tribute to Stan Lee of Marvel [Comics],” Stephanie said.

The finished cake was approximately two feet tall—the largest cake she’s created. “[Deadpool] was supposed to be holding a weapon; however, it fell off during the transportation. I had to think quickly on my feet and managed to transform his hand into a pointing finger at the competition space,” she adds.

At the competition, Stephanie met two people who she refers to as her idols—professional cake decorators Lizzo Marek and Timbo Sullivan. “The event was also great for networking. I met members of the San Diego Cake Club who asked me to become a member. Since I just moved to San Diego from Hawaii, I was very excited to meet other people who shared my same passion.”

In addition to being a student, Stephanie is also the owner of the company Tres Leches Cakes and Cupcakes.

Comic Cake ShowDeadpool Cake

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By: Lauren Loeffler

March 30, 2017