Students from The Art Institute of Philadelphia Attend MAGfest

By: Michelle Jordan

March 8, 2018



Among the event highlights for the students was the chance to try games by other artists and developers.

"We had a great time!" said student Cecil Basilo. "There were a lot of independent developers with their games set up and ready for everyone to play. It was a really good learning experience because we got to see what our gaming community is actively doing."

Having recently created their own game, MAGfest also allowed the students to see how their work measured up. "I was able to play multiple indie developers' games. Some were worth studying and others were, well, unimpressive," noted student Dakota Ganassi. He and his classmates agreed that the experience gave them more confidence in the quality of their own work.

Throughout the event, the students met and networked with many industry professionals, including a Gearbox Software game developer, who shared with them insights on the industry's inner workings. Since MAGfest, several of the students have stayed in contact with developers about the possibility of assisting with future gaming work.

Beyond networking and testing new games, the students attended several educational and motivational talks. Among their favorites was a panel discussion titled Tips for Students and Industry Veterans Alike, during which speakers shared their past hardships and struggles as well as how they overcame them.


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By: Michelle Jordan

March 8, 2018

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