Studio Manager, Assistant Recording and Mixing Engineer; Worked on Upcoming “Fantastic Four” Film

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August 6, 2015

“I really enjoy the people I work with, and Pro Tools and recording and mixing itself. I have always loved music, so once I learned Pro Tools everything just clicked for me. I still get excited every time I see my name on the big screen.”

Tyson Lozensky is the studio manager at Pianella Studios, the privately owned recording studio of film composer Marco Beltrami. Tyson is Beltrami’s personal assistant, as well as an in-house music editor, assistant recording and mixing engineer, and Pro Tools operator. He works on recording sessions and editing orchestral takes for film projects.

Tyson recently completed work on the film “Fantastic Four,” which is scheduled to debut in August 2015. His next projects include recording for the upcoming film “Agent 47,” which is part of the Hitman video game series. Also on Tyson’s schedule—a trip to Australia to work on the film “Gods of Egypt.” “[It is directed] by the director who made ‘’iRobot’ so it’s a large production,” he says. He’ll also be working solo on recording and mixing the score for the upcoming film, "X-Mas."

In the Studio
Tyson’s mixing projects begin with assisting the studio’s engineer to set up recording session microphones. He builds all of the Pro Tools sessions, then edits orchestral takes and adds any “mix stems”—which are audio tracks mixed separately and later combined into a final master mix. “After the mix, I am responsible for organizing, naming, and delivering all stems to the music editor and dub stage for final dub mixing,” he says.

Soloists also come into the studio for recording sessions. Tyson edits the sessions to create samples that are used to create custom instrument sounds using KONTAKT software.  He also builds guitar pedals and organizes the studio’s extensive FTP and music databases.

Mixing the Score to “Carrie”
Tyson is particularly proud of his work on the 2013 film “Carrie.” He completed the mix for the film’s entire score. “I was responsible for organizing all the recordings, doing all the necessary editing, and mixing the score from start to finish. It was a huge step for me as it was my first project as the main mixer, and I got to prove that I could handle the responsibility that came along with it,” he says. He’s also mixed for films including  “The Seventh Son,” "The Wolverine,” A Good Day to Die Hard," and "Warm Bodies."

Tyson’s creative passion, skills, and determination helped him to move from an assistant engineer to assistant score mixer at Pianella Studios. He admits that he’s constantly in the middle of tight deadlines and long hours but still finds time to unwind his mind during drive into Pianella Studios—along the scenic Pacific Coast Highway.

Creative Inspiration
Tyson, who in 2010 earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Audio Production from The Art Institute of California—Los Angeles says that he enjoys producing electronic and hip-hop music—and is inspired by the artist Pretty Lights. “On [Pretty Lights’] recent album, he spent about two years recording live musicians jamming out with no real musical cues or songs to go off, and then pressed everything to vinyl so he could sample it into his electronic creations. No one puts that much time and effort into their music these days so it was very exciting to me,” he states.

Tyson is also thankful for the connections that his education provided. When he was getting ready to graduate, his instructor, Barry Conley, referred him to Buck Sanders, manager at Pianella Studios—who quickly became a friend and mentor to Tyson. 

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